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Complete mailorder list - September 2023

D I S T R I B U T I O N :
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CD: ( 5 euro , or marked )

ACOLYTES OF MOROS (SWE) "Illusions Of Progress" - (Hypnotic Doom Metal)
AMOK (CZE) "Negative World" - (Death Metal, old brutal way!)
ANGEL'S DECAY (SLO) "Odiumspace" - (Oldschool Death Metal) 7euro
ASHEN LIGHT (RUS) "Cursed and Unforgiven" - (Old Russian Black Metales are back with brand new album)
BETHOR (SER) "nataS liaH" CDr - (Grim obscure black metal) 6euro
BLACK EMPIRE (MEX) “Into the jail of past” – (awesome Mexican raw Thrash Black ala old Desaster!)
CRIVIAN HEATHEN MADNESS (RUS) “Decade of hate, sorrow and resistance” - (Compilation of Black, NS, pagan bands. Very good!)
DARK CELEBRATION (BRA) "Phleheton" - (Melodic Black Metal)
DEMONIC FOREST (MEX) "Frost Strength" - (Filthy dark Black Metal from Mexico)
DEMONIC FOREST (MEX) "Secret Order From The Grim Temples " - (Filthy dark Black Metal from Mexico)
DESEKRATION (GER) "Naudhiz" - (great old mixture of Death Black Metal with both male and female vocals.Forgotten killer style)
DIMENTIANON (USA) "Collapse the void" - (Raw Black Metal with with ex The Forgotten members)
DIMIDIUM MEI (POL) "Flames Of Hatred" - (Very good Black Metal strike in the vein of Marduk's Opus Nocturne gold!)
DRACO HYPNALIS (CZE) “Imagination” – (Melodic, atmospheric and technical death/black metal)
EDAIN (CZE) "Through Thought and Time" CD - (Technical Deathrash Metal with members of Absurd Conflict.Killer!)
FLESHRIPPER/OBLITERATION (GER) "Brutal Unity" - (two oldschool Grind Brutal Death armades.For maniacs only!!)
F.O.B. (CZE) "The Dice" digiCD - (Grinding Death Progressive Metal)
GRACE DISGRACED (RUS) "Enthrallment Traced" - (Technical Brutal Death Metal from Moscow)
HULDREFOLK (BEL) "Euwenhout" - (raw, sharp and very original Black Metal with authentic atmosphere!)
IGNIS GEHENNA (OZ) "Revelations of Sinister Rebirth" - (Noisy disturbing Black Metal with oldway majestic atmosphere)
ISATHOUM (HOL) "Black Scenary Avatar" - (Raw Black Metal)
ISKON (SER) "Gde krug vecni svoj beskraj nudi" - (Third album of this devoted and mystical Black Metal shadow!Dark, grim Black Metal art for true fans!) 7euro
KHASHM (RUS) "Portals of Inferno" - (Raw orthodox old-school Black Metal)
KUTURLAT (SPA) "Necroritual" - (raw Black Metal)
LA DIVISION MENTALE (FRA) "Totem Simius" digiCD - (Hypnotic, frenetic sick Dark Black Art) 6euro
LAMIA CULTA (UKR) "Patre Satane" - (Oldway Atmospheric Black Metal)
MAD GOYA (SER) “Put olindrali avlijanea” – (Old way beer Thrashing Metal ala Voivod , Tankard…Killer oldschool spirit!)
MANTAK (MAL) "666" - (Destructive fast Black Thrash Metal) 7euro
NONTINUUM (OZ) "Dwelling In Oceans" - (Atmospheric Black Metal crossed with deep ambient touch)
MORTIFILIA (CZE) "Redemption" - (Great Czech Death Metal)
NEPHILIM / KLANDESTYN (NOR/RUS) "split" - (Two primitive extremly UG hordes on one CD)
NEUROTOMY (ITA) "Life Is Fading Into Black" - (traditional brutal Death Metal)
PANDEMIC (USA) "Infecting the Wolrd" - (brutal US Thrashing machine Metal)
PARASOPHISMA (CZE) “Parasophisma” – ( outstanding, atmospheric experimental Metal journey…very authentic and sick!)
RADE MASSAKER (GER) “Satanic Zombie Hordes” – (ultra brutalan i mracan Oldschool Death Metal ala Autopsy!Odlicno!)
SCHEITAN (SWE) “Nemesis” (A breath of fresh air in extreme Black Metal)
SCREAMING FOREST (UKR) "Holy Satan" - (Dark blasphemous Black Metal spells)
SECTIONED (UK) "Purulent Reality" - (Strong Death Metal in Bolt Thrower, Deicide way)
SILENT KINGDOM (BiH) "Legends of an Old Grave" - (Progressive melodic Black Metal)
SIVYI YAR (RUS) "Dual Faith" - (Pagan Slavic Black Metal in wellknown Russian style and tradition)
SKYGGEVERDEN (BUL) “Dark Providence” – (Dark Pagan Black Metal)
SMASHED FACE (CZE) "Human: Earth Parasite" - (Gory Brutal Death Metal machine from Czech)
SMASHED FACE (CZE) "Virulent Procreation" - (Another dose of brutality from Czech maniacs)
SOLGRAV / F "Kaksi Perkeletta" split CD - (Aggressive Raw Metal against Brutal Death sound)
SOMBRE LABYRINTHE (BEL) "Heptagram Rising" - (Primitive dark atmospheric Black Metal in Moonblood tradition)
TENEBRARUM (COL) "Voices" - (Experimental extreme Metal)
THANATHRON (POL) "Thanathron" - (Very good Polish Black Metal)
THRONAR (HOL) "For Death And Glory" (Fantastic Pagan Folk War Metal)
THRONED (ITA) "...There Were The Moon Rises"- (Black Epic Metal)
THORNESBREED (GER) “The splandeour of the repellent” – (Great Brutal Death)
TORMENT (CZE) "Without God's Blessing" - (Old traditional Czech Black Metal)
TOXIC TRACE (GER) "The Mortal Mask Of manifest" - (Very good German Brutal Death Metal)
UGULISHI (FIN) "Ugulishi" - (666% UG Black Metal spirit!Raw and filthy!)
UNCHRIST (USA) "On Leather Wings" - (primitive grim Black Metal.666% Underground art!)
UNLIGHT DAWN (MAL) "Unlight Dawn" - (Fast Raw Black Thrashing Metal)
UNLIGHT ORDER (SWE) "Through the gates of torment" - (Raw Black Metal in top quality!)
VAZAL (Hol) “The Age of Chaos” (Raw, chaotic, drunken Black Metal)
VIGLIA MORTUM (RUS) "Bloody Remorse" - (Brutal, aggressive Gore Death Metal)
VOICES OF THE STYX (HUN) "Compilation" - (16 Black Death hordes from Hungarian underground as: Ahriman, Fagyhamu, Ater Tenebrae, Thy Funeral, Warkult...) 
VOLH (RUS) "Solemn march into the Ragnarock" - (Pagan Black Metal)
VOLUSPA (NOR) “T.A.E.M.E.R.” digiMCD – (brutal raw Black Metal)
WACKHANALIJA (BLR) “ hatred to everything” - (Depressive Black Metal with ambient touch)
WACKHANALIJA (BLR) “Where death dies” - (Atmospheric Black Metal with great spirit)
WAFFENTRAGER LUZIFERS/REDREOM/PROSATANOS (GER) "3 way split" - (three grim satanic hordes on one CD)
WARMARCH (SVK) "Pactum Cum Diabolus" - (Raw grim Black Metal strongly inspired with old Czech school!)
WINGS OF WAR (POL) “Battle Hymn” - ( brutal raw Black Metal)
WITHERD (ICE) “The Midnight Gate” – (Fast, brutal freezing Black Metal)
WOLFSLAIR (DEN) "Ateulv" - (Pounding Nekro Death Black Metal)
WULPURGISNACHT (HOL) “Die derwaert” – (quality Black Metal)

CD: (10euro , or marked)

A DREAM OF POE (POL) "The Mirror Of Deliverance" digiCD - (Strong deep atmospheric Doom Metal)
A WINTER LOST (CAN) "Weltenende" - (90's Black Metal spirit with variation from acoustic to grim raw passages.) 8euro
ADOLF CASTLE (RUS) "Really Crazy Germans" - (Heavy Power Metal) 8euro
ADVERSOR (ITA) "The end of Mankind" - (Thrash crossover metal) 8euro
ABAZAGORATH (USA) “The Satanic Verses” - (Newest studio spells by these grim demons from US Black Metal netherworld. A must!) 9euro
ABAZAGORATH/BLOODSTORM (USa) "Ancient Entities Arise" - (Two occult Black Metal hordes on one split release.Killer ancient spirit of Black Metal heritage!) 8euro
ABBEY OV THELEMA (SLK) "A Fragment ov the Great Work" - (Deep avant-garde dark abmient) 8euro
ABIGAIL (JAP) “The Best of Black Metal Yakuza” - (Absolute cult black metal maniacs from Japan) 8euro
ABIGAIL (JAP) "Sweet Baby Metal Slut" - (Absolute kult of Japanese oldway Heavy Black Thrash Metal)
ABIGAIL/MANTAK (JAP/MAL) "The Eastern Desekkatorz" - (Wicked Asian Black Metal unity by legendary Abigail and Mantak)
ABIGAIL / DULVEL  (JAP/COL) “Satan, Bitches and Rock ‘n’ Roll” - (Oldway nekro Black Metal)
ABIGAIL / VULCAN TYRANT "Split" - (Legendary Japanese metal maniacs and blackthrashers from Holland) 9euro
ABOMINANT (USA) "Upon Black Horizons" - (Traditional US oldschool death metal since 1993)
ABOMINATOR (OZ) "Barbarian War Worship" - (Brutal Black Death Metal hammering)
ABSENTATION (SYR) "The Intellectual Darkness" - (Syrian death metal pioneers!) 9euro
ABYSMAL DARKENING (HOL) "No Light Behind" - (Transcendental, sharp, suicidal, old school Doom Dark Metal)
ACCOMPLICE AFFAIR (POL) "Cienie" - (Authentic Dark Ambient art with deep closed atmosphere) 8euro
ACRIMONIOUS (HEL) "Perdition Gospel" - (Occult raw Black fucking Metal) 
AD ASTRA (HEL) "One Single Cause" - (Grim, gloomy Black Metal spell) 8euro
ADHUK (POL) "Rituals of Personal Universe" - (Black Metal in grim 90's way) 8euro
ADULTERY (CZE) "Age of Rebirths" - (Great package and great music.Black Folk Metal)
ADUMUS (USA) "To Heed The Call of War" - (Straight in the head brutal Black Metal blasphemy!)
AEGEON (FIN) "Nocturnal Glorification" - (Cold Finish Black Metal lunacy) 9euro
AEON WINDS (SLO) "Those who will remain silent forever" - (Dark, ambient, atmospheric with cold acoustic passages and neo-folk touch) 8euro
AFFLICTIS LENTAE (FRA) "... from nothing ... to nothing '' (No compromise fast raw Black Metal.For sick possessed souls only!)
AFTERWORLD (CHI) "Lamentos" - (Gloomy Doom Death Metal for true lovers of the genre) 8euro
AGATHOCLES (BEL) "Theatric symbolisation of life" - (Legendary Grind Core massacre + Live Aalst '90 bonus!)
AGATHOCLES/AMOCLEN (BEL/CZE)"Split CD" - (Grinding holocaust!Brutal and fast as fuck!)
AGE OF AGONY (HU) "For the Forgotten" - (Straight in the head Death Metal attack) 8euro
AGE OF AGONY / WITCHCRAFT (HU) "Split" - (Split release, Death Metal vs traditional Black Metal grimness) 8euro
AGONIZED (FIN) “Gods…” - (Absolute relic, a masterpiece of old times!1991 Death Metal treasure from Finish underground!)
AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR / CADAVERIC POSSESSION “Influx of Hatred” - (A brand new Black metal double strike from Swedish and Polish underground) 8euro
AGGRESSOR (MEX) "Release of Aggression" - (Bestial violent Thrash Metal from Mexico) 8euro
AHRIMAN (HUN) "The Early Years" digiCD - (Raw Black Metal. A collection of rare demos and unreleased songs from 1994 up to present days!) 
AKERBELTZ / WAFFENTRAGER LUZIFERS / NEBRUS "Slaughtered Whores Of Satan" - (3 way split massacre with dedicated Black Metal demons from Spain, Germany and Italy) 8euro
AKHKHARU (USA) “Celebratum”  - (Spiritual ritualistic dark ambient)
ALBATRHOZ (MEX) "La  vision de los profetas" - (Traditional Heavy Metal for true worshipers) 8euro
ALCOHOLIC FORCE (COL) "Gasoline Drinkers–Fantomania IV" - (Colombian speed metal massacre) 8euro
ALKONOST (RUS) "On The Wings Of The Call" - (Traditional Russian Pagan Folk Doom formation) 8euro
ALTARS OF DESTRUCTION (FIN) "Gallery of Pain" - (Fast technical aggressive Thrash Metal bomb!Killer!)
ALPTHRAUM (CAN) "Cacophonies From Six Nightmares" - (Very original Black Metal with lot's of ambient and sympho elements) 8euro
ALTERED DEAD (CAN) "Return to Life" - (Darkened death metal) 12euro
AMORPHOUS (POL) "A Perfect Evil" digiCD - (Brutal Grinding Death Metal by Vader and Christ Agony members!Crushing!)
ANAEL (GER) "From Arcane Fires" - (High quality Black Doom Metal in awesome slip case package)
ANCESTRUM (ARG) "Spells by the Northern Winds" - (Black Metal in 90's tradition)
ANCIENT BLOOD (BRA) "The Profane Hymns.." - (Raw grim Black Metal in killer Horna way)
ANCIENT DOME (ITA) "Perception of this World" - (Thrash Metal artillery ala Heathen crossed with Testament and Coroner magic)
ANCIENT HORNS (PHI) "Profano" A5 CD box - (Bestial Black Death Metal annihilation) 8euro
ANCIENT MOON (BEL) "Vvltvre" - (Grim Black Metal with gloomy ambiental touch) 9euro
ANDRAS (GER) "Warlord" - (Strong Epic Pagan Metal) 8euro
ANDRAS (GER) “..of Old Wisdom” – (killer Epic Black Metal spirit)
ANGELCIDE (USA) "Black Metal Terrorism" digiCD - (Blackened death metal) 11euro
ANGELGOAT (SER) "The Lucifer Withing" - (Newest studio desecration by this notorious Serbian black metal horde)
ANGELGOAT (SER) "Primitive Goat Worship" - (Raw primitive black nekro metal)
ANGIZIA (AUT) "39 Jahre für den Leierkastenmann" digiCD - (Sympho Avant-garde Metal with a huge tradition since 1995) 10euro
ANGMAR (FRA) "Zuruck i die Unterwelt" - (Depressive atmospheric Black Metal.Very good!)
ANGMAR / THE TRUE ENDLESS (ITA) - splitCD - (Two grim Black Metal hordes attack with great UG packed release)
ANGUISH SUBLIME (SER) "Maelstrom Imperium" - (Melodic atmospheric death metal) 9euro
ANIMUS MORTIS (CHI) "Atrabilis -Residues from Verb & Flesh" - (High-class religious Black Metal. Recommended!)
ANNIVERSARY CIRCLE (UK) "Saturated Feathers" - (Post Rock, Dead Rock, poetry and Post Punk all together united in awesome artistic creation!) 8euro
ANTAGONIZED (PAN) "Intence Perversions" - (Death Metal strike from Panama!)
ANTICHRISTIAN KOMMANDO (SWI) "Black Goat Rituals" - (Black Thrashing Metal with filthy punk-like touch) 8euro
ANTROPOFAGUS (ITA) “Welcome to my Slaughterhouse 2” – (Gore Horror Death Metal sickness! Bizarre as fuck deluxe booklet package!)
AORLHAC/DARKENHÖLD/OSSUAIRE/YSENGRIN (FRA) "La Maisniee du Maufe - A Tribute to the Dark Ages" - (4 way split CD.Crossover of Black, Doom, Dark spells all packed into authentic French aura)
A PERPETUAL DYING MIRROR (MEX) “Towards A Constellation View” – (legendary Doom Metal horde.Great stuff!)
APPARITION (SK) "Nemesis Divina" - (Raw fast Black Metal from South Korea) 8euro
APOCRYFAL (FIN) "Crushing Black Death" DigiCD - (Bestial blackened death metal)
APOLION (ITA) "Death Grows Into Sperm" - (Nihilistic Black Metal art for fans of Craft, Armagedda, Khold, Pest...Recommended!)
APOSTATE (UKR) "Trapped in a Sleep" - (Very Strong Doom Death Metal art) 8euro
APRAXIA (BLR) "14 years of struggle against..." DCD- (Great hail to Apraxia by 20 bands from all around Eastern Slavic Lands!)
ARALLU (ISR) "Desert Battles - Descending to the Sands" - (Blasphemic militant Black Metal from Israel) 8euro
ARALLU (ISR) "Satanic War in Jerusalem" - (Blasphemic militant Black Metal from Israel) 8euro
ARALLU (ISR) "The Demon From the Ancient World" - (raw occult Black Metal from the pit of Hell!!) 8euro
ARBITRATOR (RUS) "Kill Their Religion" - (Oldschool Thrash Metal) 8euro
ARBOR IRA (GER) "Meine Träume, vergangene..."     digi CD - (Doomed Dark Metal with deep gloomy atmosphere) 8euro
ARCHON LEGION (CAN) "March of the Inquisitors" - (Powerful Thrashing Death Metal) 8euro
ARES KINGDOM (USA) "The Unburiable Dead" - (Raw filthy Death Metal madness)
ARES KINGDOM (USA) "Incendiary" - (Death Metal masters are back with their newest opus)
ARES KINGDOM (USA) “Return to Dust” – (necro Death Metal war!)
ARKHAEON (SWI) "Deathprayer Evangelium" - (Slow depressive Black Metal grimness with deep gloomy atmosphere. For fans of early Burzum creations...) 9euro
ARKHAM (FRA) "Chapter III, The Madness.." - (melancholic ambient Black Metal)
ARKONA (RUS) "Явь" delux-digiCD+DVD - (Pagan Slavic masters) 16euro
ARKONA (RU) "Явь" - (Slavic Pagan Metal) 9euro
ARKONA (RU) "Гой, Роде, Гой!" - (Slavic Pagan Metal) 9euro
ARKONA (RU) "Во Славу Великим" - (Slavic Pagan Metal) 9euro
ARKONA (RU) "Возрождение" - (Slavic Pagan Metal) 9euro
ARKONA (RU) "От Сердца К Небу" - (Slavic Pagan Metal) 9euro
ARKONA (RU) "Слово" - (Slavic Pagan Metal) 9euro
ARKONA (RU) "Лепта" - (Slavic Pagan Metal) 9euro
ARKONA (RU) "Жизнь Во Славу..." - (Slavic Pagan Metal) 9euro
ARMOUR (FIN) "Armour" - (Ass kicking oldway Heavy Metal by ex members of Horna, Satanic Warmaster, Pest..Killer!)
ARROGANT DESTRUKTOR (UK) "No Fucking Mercy" DigiCD- (Black fucking metal) 10euro
ARS DIAVOLI/IRAE/PENITENCIA/THY BLACK BLOOD "Black Throne Of Disease" 4 way split – (nekro Black union from Portugal!) 9euro
ARS MACABRA (ITA) “III” - (Newest studio opus. Oldway occult Black Metal spirit) 8euro
ARS MACABRA (ITA) "Daemonolatria Hypnotica" - (First studio album by this oldway occult Black Metal soldiers.Real damn Black Metal!) 8euro
ARS MANIFESTIA (ITA) "The Enchanting Dark´s Arrival" - (Black Metal played in old forgotten way)
ARUM (BRA) "Occult Cataclysm - The New Era Rises" - (Ancient Black Metal strongly inspired by old Greek school Rotting Christ, Varathron..)
ARVAS (NOR) “Blessed from Below…Ad Sathanas Noctum” - (Norge Black Metal since 1993. Traditional sound of old days of the scene with members of Aeternus, Ancient, Slavia...) 13euro
AASGARD (HEL) "Nekriki Mistagogia" - (Traditional Greek Black Metal legacy.Grim evil way!)
ASAG (SWI) "Asag" - (Pure Satanic Black Metal War)
ASSAULT (CHI) " Nuclear Deaththrash" - (Thrashing Black maniacal Metal in highest power!)
ASEDIO (MEX) "El origen de todos los males" - (Wild aggressive Thrash Death Metal in raw Mexican way) 8euro
ASESINO (USA) "Cristo Satanico" - (Brutal Grinding Death Metal madness) 8euro
ASSESSOR (CZE) "Stvanice" - (Legends of Czech Death Thrash Metal are back with their newest studio album!Hell yeah!)  8euro
ASGARD (ITA) "The Seal of Madness" - (Oldway Power speed Metal) 6euro
ASHEN EPITAPH (SER) "The Former Filth Enigma" - (Traditional European death metal) 
ASTRAL WINTER (AUS) "Perdition" - (Very good Atmospheric Black Metal art) 8euro
ASTROFAES (UKR) "Dying Emotions Domain" Digi CD - (Wellknown Black Metal force from Ukraina.Killer stuff!)
ATER ERA (SLO) "In Autumn's Solitary Decline" - (New force on Slovenian Black Metal soil.Very good arranged and played Black Metal with authentic atmosphere and energy!)
ATER ERA (SLO) "Beneath Inanimate Grime" digiCD - (Amazing new album, high quality Black Metal) 11euro
ATHERIA (HEL) "Echo From Another Kingdom & Spectral…" - (Black Metal strongly influenced by ambient touch) 8euro
ATOMIC ROAR (BRA) "Atomic Freaks" - (Raw mixture of Thrash, Punk, Hard Core...True oldschool hammering!)
ATOMIZER (OZ) "Caustic Music For the Spiritually Bankrupt" - (Killer Australian Thrashing Black Metal machine!)
ATOMIZER (OZ) "Grave Disturbances" - (Retrospective of this bestial merciless Thrash Black hellfuckers! Kick ass release for diehard Atomizer worshipers!)  8euro
ATRA VETOSUS (AUS) "Voices From The Eternal Night" - (Early 90's style Melodic Black Metal) 8euro
ATRIUM NOCTIS (GER) "Home" - (Oldway melodic atmospheric Black Metal) 8euro
ATRUM INRITUS (USA) "Prognatus In Vorago" digiCD - (Black Metal with grim melancholic atmosphere.Very good stuff!)
ATRUM TORINGI "Underground Black Metal Front" digiBook CD - (Very good Black Metal comp with hordes as: Cold World, Odal, Devilish, Pestis, Fla,,emsturm, Infaust....true UG spirit!)
AURA NEGATIV (SPA) "Aura Negativ" - (Grim Dark Ambient for dedicated maniacs only) 8euro
AURORA BOREALIS (USA) "Timeline (The Beginning And End Of Everything)" - (Latest studio album of this old legendary band. Blasting highclass Black Metal storm!A must!)
AUSTRALASIA (ITA) "Vertebra" - (Ambient Post-Rock Black Metal with awesome atmosphere) 8euro
AVENGER (CZE) "Fall of Devotion, Wrath and Blasphemy" - (Black death metal cult)  11euro
AVENGER (CZE) "Godless" - (Black death metal cult) 11euro
AVENGER (CZE) "MCMXCII - MMXII" - (25 years of almighty Avenger.17 hymns from all periods of the band recorded again by mastermind Honza Kapak!Amazing release!) 8euro
AVOID THE LIGHT (ITA) "Spleen" - (Post black metal) 8euro
AVSKED (GER) "Livets Ironi" - (Depressive grim Black Metal in dark German style)
AVSKY (SWE) "Mass Destruction" - (Black Metal made in Swedish hell. For fans of Craft and Khold legacy!)
AXECUTER (BRA) "Metal Is Invincible" - (True oldschool Heavy Speed Metal war!For fans of Exciter, Razor, Accept..) 9euro
AXEVYPER (ITA) "Metal Crossfire" - (Heavy Metal by the book! 101% Heavy Metal!) 6euro
BAD HABIT (HOL) "The Demo Years 1986-1991" - (Traditional hard heavy rock and rare demos on CD)
BAAL (MEX) "Grotesque Messiah" - (Melodic atmospheric Death Metal in great 90's tradition) 8euro
BATTLESTORM ‎(SNG) "Demonic Incursion" - (Raw filthy death black metal) 9euro
BEAST OF REVELATION (HOL) "Ancient Ritual of Death" - (Darkened death doom art) 12euro
BEDSORE (ITA) "Bedsore" - (Dark and proggressive death metal) 9euro
BEELZEB (SPA) "Misanthrope’s aurora" - (Raw, primitive Black Metal)
BELIAL (FIN) "Wisdom Of Darkness" - (Rare studio material from 1992. Nekro Black Death Metal attack)
BENIGHTED IN SODOM (USA) "In Hora Maledictus Part I" - (Very good and authentic Black Metal art)
BESATT (POL) "In Nomine Satanas" - (First cult album available again finally!True oldway Black Metal)
BERSERK (SPA) "Cries of Blood and Hate" - (Black Metal in this old atmospheric tradition.Very good!)
BESTIAL DEFORM (RUS) "Severed to Pieces" - (Veterans of Russian Death Metal. Oldschool death!) 8euro
BETHLEHEM (GER)"A Sacrificial Offering to the Kingdom of Heaven in a Cracked Dog's Ear" - (High quality Dark Metal with Niklas of Shining on vocals sickness)
BEYOND HELVETE (GER)"Self Therapy" digiCD - (Depressive and outstanding Black Metal with lost of Doom and Dark touches)
BEYOND YE GRAVE (RUS) - "Raping the creation of god" - (Raw Brutal Satanic Black Metal)
BITTER PEACE (USA) "Glorificus Vis" - (Strong Black Meta creation bringing old and new spirits of genre.Very good stuff!) 8euro
BITTERNESS (GER) "Autumn Fall" - (Very good marching Thrashing Death Metal machine!)
BITTERNESS (GER) "Genociety" - (High quality massive Death Thrash Metal strike.latest studio album!)
BLACK ANGEL (PER) From the Darkness" - (Dirty nekro ripping Black Satanic Storm!)
BLACK ANGEL / EVIL "Infernal Rituals" - (Brutal occult Black Death from Peru against traditional 90's Black Metal from Slovakia) 8euro
BLACK AUTUMN (GER) "The Advent October" - (Ambient Doom Black Metal with strong depressive atmosphere) 8euro
BLACK BEAST/BLOODHAMMER (FIN) "Unholy Finnish Black Horror Union" - (nekro Black Metal War)
BLACK CUCIFIXION (FIN) "Faustian Dream" - (after so many years finally new opus.A bit different then before)
BLACKDEATH (RUS) "Chronicles of Hellish Circles" - (Limited rare release with songs previously never published on CD)
BLACKDEATH (RUS)"Satan Macht Frei" - (Nihilistic primitive Black Metal)
BLACKHORNED (DEN) "Lost in a Twillight World" - (Raw nekro dirty Black Metal!Killer stuff!!)
BLACKHORNED SAGA (POL) "Setan" - (Strong Blackened Death Metal attack.) 8euro
BLACK GOD (GER) "The End Of Christian Utopia" - (Raw aggressive Black Metal)
BLACK RAIN (CZE) "Bez ohni" - (Oldway dark Black Death Metal with Avenger members)
BLACK VOMIT (MEX) "The Faitful Servant" - (Primitive Dark Black Metal)
BLASPHEMOPHAGHER (ITA) "The III Command of the Absolute Chaos" - (High class Blackened Death Metal with style, honor and spirit!Killer!) 8euro
BLASTMASTERS (USA) "Twisted Metal" - (Mind destroying Death Grind Metal with ex members of Acheron, Brutality, Diabolic..)
BLAZE OF PERDITION (POL) "Towards the Blaze of Perdition" - (Strong and blasting black metal) 11euro
BLAZE OF SORROW (ITA) "Echi" - (Atmospheric Black Metal with nice neo-folk touch)
BLIZZARD (HUN) "Disengaged From Life" - (Underground black metal since middle 90's) 9euro
BLIZZARD (HUN) "Les Litanies de Satan" - (Very good , raw black metal attack)
BLODSRIT (SWE) "Hinterland" - (Black Metal as it should be, violent, evil and grim!)
BLOODLAND (GER) "Chronicles of Death" - (Raw death metal)
BLOOD POLLUTION (RUS) "Raw Sovereighty" - (Thrash and Roll) 8euro
BLOODRAINBOW (HU) "Upheaval" - (Powerful oldschool death metal) 8euro
BLOODRAINBOW (HU) "Smelteries of Damnation" - (Powerful oldschool death metal) 8euro
BLOODRIDE (FIN) "Crowned in Hell" - (Need Thrash?Get Thrash!Fucking great piece of Thrash Metal madness!)
BLOODTHIRST/EXCIDIUM (POL) "Infernal Thrashing Kömmandments" - (Two hellish Thrash satanic hordes!Venom, Razor, Morbid Angel covers..) 8euro
BLOODTHORN (NOR) "Genocide" - (Brutal Black Death Metal from the old Norwegian scene)
BLODULV (SWE) "III - Burial" - (Dark nekro Black Death Metal)
BLOODHAMMER (FIN) "Past Apocalypse Trilogy" - (Perverse Insane Black Metal,Very good!)
BLOOD VENGEANCE (GER) "Iron warfare" - (ultra fast brutal Black Death Metal)
BOLVERKSTORM (RUS) "9 steps to death" - (Black Industrial darkness for devoted fans!)
BOG OF THE INFIDEL (USA) "To Corrupt Your Sons and Lust After Your Daughters" - (Diabolical Black Metal art for all diehard worshipers of Dissection legacy!) 8euro
BOMBARDER (SER) "Speed Kill" - (Cult thrash speed release from 80's finally on CD)
BOMBARDER (SER) "Speed Kill" - (Cult thrash speed release from 80's finally on CD) Japan license!
BOMBARDER (SER) "Bez milosti" - (Cult thrash speed release from 90's finally on CD)  
BOMBARDER (SER) "Bez milosti" - (Cult thrash speed release from 90's finally on CD) Japan license!
BOMBER (CHI) "Satans shitfuckers" - (Maniacal crossover of raw Black Thrash Punk, dirty Chilean oldway!)
BONECRACKER (RUS) "Vices" - (Thrash Metal) 8euro
BONESAW (UK) "Sawtopsy" - (Killer oldway Death Metal for true followers of Autopsy path!) 8euro
BONESAW / HAEMOPHAGUS (UK/ITA) "Split" - (Oldway Death Metal bombing!) 8euro
BONESAW / REPUKED (SWE/UK) “Split”  - digiCD - (Death Metal madness) 9euro
BORN OF SIN (SWE) "Imperfect Breed Of Humanity" - (Swedish Death Black Metal with ex members of Lord Belial, Enthralled etc...)
BRAQUEMAARD ‎(FRA) "Pendu, Trainé Par Une Claie Jusqu'à La Potence, Et Mis En Quart" - (Brutal Death Metal, violent as can be, with a concept on medieval torture) 8euro
BRAINWASHER (SWE) "Vicious Circles" - (Grindcore as it should be! Dirty, fast and noisy)
BREED OF SCORN (GER) “Zero point mantra” - (High quality Death Metal ala Bolt Thrower, Morgoth..)
BRIARGH (SPA) "Krigas" - (Atmospheric Black Metal with nice Pagan touch)
BROCKEN MOON (GER) "Mondfinsternis" - (depressive grim Dark Black Metal)
BRUNNDL (ITA) "Brunndl" - (Oldway black pagan metal with strong atmospheric touch)
BRUTART (SLO) "Mimic" digiBook CD - (Depressive Black Metal in amazing book package) 8euro
BURIED GOD (GER) "Dark Revelation" - (Aggressive, raw Thrash Death Metal in perfect German oldway!)
CABESTRO (SPA) "¿Cónica de Sucesos?" - (Grinding death metal machine) 8euro
CABEZA DE CABALLO (SPA) "Dölmenn" - (Stroner doom metal) 9euro
CADAVERIA (ITA) “ The shadows’ madame” – (industrial Dark Black Metal)
CADAVERIC CREMATORIUM (ITA) "Grind Peace" - (Merciless Gore Grind Death.Brutal as fuck!)
CADAVERIS (RUS) "The Ceremony of Worshiping" - (Bestial occult Black Metal from Russian wastelands) 8euro
CAEDES CRUENTA (HEL) "Skies Daimonon" - (Real piece of ancient Hellenic Black Metal darkness)
CALL OF UNEARTHLY (POL) "Blast Them All Away" - (Death black metal massacre) 
CALES (CZE) "Savage Blood" - (Instrumental art by legendary Blakosh from Root.Pagan melodic Doom art) 8euro
CARBONIZED (SWE) "Carbonized demo collection" - (3 cult demos and rare EP of this amazing Death Metal band) 15euro
CARNAL DREAD (HEL) "Black Thrashing Rites" - (Thrashing Black Metal fisting. Brutal!) 8euro
CARNAL LUST (USA) "Whore of Viloence"- (Death Metal played in killer oldschool style!!)
CARPTICON (NOR) "Master Morality" - (Blasting Black fucking Metal)
CARUOS (FRA) "Metempsychosis" - (Heathen Black Metal from France)
CATASTROPHIC (USA) "Born into Bondage" - (Death Metal attack by ex members of: Suffocation, Broken Hope... A must!) 12euro
CATHOLICON (USA) "Treatise On The Abyss" - (Occult dark Black Death Metal!Oldschool, a must!)
CATHOLICON (USA) "Lost Chronicles of the War in Heaven" - (A perfect mixture of Death Black Metal with strong Antichristian hate!)
CATHOLICON (USA) "The Death Throes of Christianity" - (Just another brutal strike!)
CATHOLICON (USA) "Of Ages Past" - (New album and more Death Black Metal blastings with tones of hate and provoke)
CAUCHEMAR (CAN) "La Vierge Noire" - (Doom Metal with lots of traditional Heavy Rock influences)
CELTIC DANCE (POR) "Ancient Battlecry" - (Oldway Black Metal. One and only studio album finally available again) 8euro
CELESTIA (FRA) "Delhys Catess" digiCD - (Traditional grim Black Metal)
CELESTIA (FRA) "Retrospectra" - (101% Black Metal! Including rare stuff of the band and 16 pages booklet slip case package!)
CELESTIA (FRA) "Dead Insecta Sequestration" - (Rare demo finally on CD with 7 live bonus songs.Come as exclusive slip case pack!)
CELTIC FROST (SWI) "Into The Crypts" - (Rare bootleg with Evil rehearsal from 1984 and live spells from 1986)
CENTURION (SER) "Centurion" - (Power heavy metal) 9euro
CENOTAPH (TUR) "Reincarnation In Gorextasy" - (Brut death metal masters from Turkey) 9euro
CENTER OF DISEASE (US) "Morbidius Malformations" - (Brutal detah metal hammering) 8euro
CEPHEIDE (FRA) "Respire" digiCD - (Dark atmospheric Black Metal) 9euro
CHAINS (SLO) "Musica Macabra" digiCD - (Occult doom metal mantra) 12euro
CHAINS (SLO) "Sonic Sabbath" digiCD - (Ritualistic doom drone art)
CHAINSAW (HEL) "Hill Of Crosses" - (Bestial thrash metal madness) 9euro
CHAINSAW CARNAGE/WARGOATCULT (USA/SPA) "War & Carnage" - (Split conspiracy.Blasphemous Blackish Death Metal gospels) 8euro
CHAMBER OF TORTURE (RU) "Necrodomain" - (Powerful death metal) 9euro
CHAOS DEI (FRA) "Arising From Chaos" - (Intense dark and cold Black Metal.French weird artistic way!)
CHAOS ENGINE RESEARCH (POL) “Faces” digiCD - (Death groove metal) 8euro
CHRIST AGONY (POL) "Moonlight - Act III" - (A cult Polish black metal veterans) 9euro
CHRIST HATE (USA) "Christ Hate" - (Brutal blasting Black Metal with strong antichristian propaganda!)
COBRA (COL) "Grito en el Abismo" - (Smashing Speed Thrash Metal from Colombian wastelands) 8euro
COFFIN CREEP (SWE) "Voids" - (Oldschool death metal fist in the head)
COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE (USA) "Trial By Ice" - (Traditional Black Metal) 8euro
COLUMBARIUM (USA) "Evoking The Sylphs" - (Provoking and grim black metal) 8euro
COLUMBARIUM (USA) "Lesbianic Rites of The Wytch" - (Provoking and grim black metal) 8euro
COMA.(AUT) "Phantomschmerz" - (Slow suicidal black doom metal sickness) 8euro
CONCEIVED BY HATE (ELS) “Putrid Realms of the Occult” - (Black death metal) 12euro
CONDUIT OF CHAOS (USA) ”Death, the Final Awakening” - (Violent black death metal) 8euro
CONFLICTO (ELS) “Slaves to Global Capitalism” - (Death grinding terror against capitalistic scums)
CONSPIRATOR (GER) "Exorcism" - (Forgotten traditional Thrash Death Metal)
CORPSEHAMMER (INT.) “Metal de la Muerte” - (Insane maniacal nekro thrashing black from Chile and Sweden) 9euro
CORPUS CHRISTII (POR) "The Fire God" - (Raw aggressive Black Metal , a bit different then their sound nowadays) 8euro
CORPUS CHRISTII (POR) "Tormenting beliefs" - (Raw Black Metal filth) 8euro
CRAFT (SWE) "Total Soul Rape" - (Grim raw filthy Black Metal brutality) 11euro
CRAFT (SWE) "Terror Propaganda" - (Back in stock, definitely one of the best Black Metal creations!) 11euro
CREMATION (CAN) "Black Death Cult" - (Grim filthy Black Metal since 1992!Old goats!)
CREPUSCULUM (POL) “Illuminatus” - (New album and new dose of wild, grim Polish Black Metal) 8euro
CRETIN (HOL) "The Demos 1988, 1989 & 1990" - (Old cult demos finally on one CD)
CRIMSON MASSACRE (USA) "The Luster of Pandemonium" - (technical, brutal, insane Death Metal genocide!)
CROSSOVER (HEL) "Pythagorized" - (Traditional Symphonic Black Metal in 90's spirit!) 8euro
CRUXIFICTION (FRA) "The Coming" - (Strong Black Metal creation with authentic touch of French scene. Black Metal as it should be!)
CRYPTIC TALES (POL) "Valley of the Dolls" - (Doom Black Metal crossed with other dark arts.Killer!)
CRYSTALLINE DARKNESS / MALDICAO (POR) "Msscaras De Odio" - (Avantgarde hysteric Black Metal against filthy raw misery in the vein of Ildjarn) 8euro
CUERNO (SPA) "Rec Comtal" - (Sludge doom metal) 9euro
CULT OF DAATH (USA) "Slit Throats And Ritual Nights" - (Occult nekro Black Metal with dirty US spirit) 8euro
CULT OF FIRE (CZE) "Triumvirat" - (Ritual black metal) 12euro
CULT OF HORROR (BRA) "Hermetik Heretik" - (Raw speed black metal in raw Brazilian way) 9euro
CULTIC PULP (HU) "Adrastea/Crush Conformity" - (Oldway death metal from 1992. Rare old recordings) 9euro
CULTUS (BEL) “A Seat In Valhalla” – ( primitive raw Black Metal with melancholic touch.. very good)
DAEMONLORD/LUX FERRE/MALLEUS/MORTINATUM "Accerbus Mortiis" 4 way split – (raw aggressive Black Metal. Hordes from Portugal and Spain. True nihilistic spirit, CD come with special razor gift!!)
DAEMONOLITH (UK) "By Order Of Decimation" digiCD - (Fast Aggressive Black Metal made by rules of traditional 90s atmosphere and spirit.Very good stuff!)
DAHAK (POL) "Arkana Wężowej Mądrości" - (Raw traditional black metal grimness) 8euro
DAGON (USA) "They Who Abideth Amidst the Poison" - (brutal, raw and primitive Black Metal!A must!)
DAMAAR (LEB) "Triumph Through Spears of Sacrilege" - (War Black Metal 666%!No bullshit, they strike from Beirut!!)
DAMNATION ARMY "The Art of the Occult" - (deep and spiritual Black Metal madness!)
DANTALION (SPA) "Return to Deep Lethargy"  - (Newest studio work by this high quality doomish Black Metal band) 10euro
DAPNOM (FRA) "Paralipomènes à la Divine Comédie"  digiCD - (Dark Ambient art with strong occult atmosphere)
DARGONOMEL (RU) "Rebelliant Daemonis" - (Blasting bestial black metal from fanst of Dark Funeral) 8euro
DARK AGES (UKR) "Rabble, Whore, Usurers" - (Dark spiritual project of Hate Forest, Drudkh members)
DARK AGES (UKR) "A Chronicle of the Plague" - (Dark spiritual project of Hate Forest, Drudkh members)
DARK AGES (UKR) "Twilight of Europe" digiCD - (Dark spiritual project of Hate Forest, Drudkh members. Great digipack release)
DARK ARMAGEDDON / THY MAJESTY (GER) "United by Hellfire" - (United strike of old German Black Metal hordes.Killer!)
DARK FOREST OF NORTH (SWE) "Renad av kall fordomelse" - (High class brutal Death Black Metal)
DARK FURY (POL) "Synningthwait" - (Brand new studio album by these Polish extreme underground Black Metal soldiers) 8ero
DARK FURY (POL) “Fortress of Eagles” – (atmospheric Pagan Black Metal) 7euro
DARK FURY (POL) " The Price of Treason" - (Pagan Aryan Black Metal) 7euro
DARK LEGIONS (SWE) "Satanic Destroyer" - (Oldway Thrash Metal with Mercyful Fate spirit!Killer!)
DARKEST HATE WARFRONT (BRA) "Satanik Annihilation Kommando" - (Fast, brutal Black Death Metal in maniacal Brazilian way)
DARK MANAGARM (FRA) "Victorious March" - (High quality fast brutal Black Metal like Infernal War, Dark Funeral...)
DAAT (RUS) "There Are None So Blind As Those That Will Not See" - (Black Metal art strongly inspired by spiritual Dissection legacy) 8euro
DAYMARE (UKR) "Effect of Presence" - (Strong dynamic groove Thrash Metal with many variations influences) 7euro
DEAD? (FRA) "Dead?" - (Strong Franch Black Metal like old Watain, Merrimack..) 7euro
DEAD BECOMES THE SUN (FRA) "The Last Eclipse" - (Raw sharp Black Metal attack) 8euro
DEADMAN (ITA)"Spirito di Pietra" - (Apocalyptic ambient Black Metal.Old forgotten way) 11euro
DEATHCRUSH (MEX) "Mutilating The Christian Faith" – ( Aggressive brutal Black Death Metal)
DEATHFUCKER (ITA) "Fuck The Trinity" - (Straight in the head thrashing death metal) 9euro
DEATHRONATION (GER) "Hallow the Dead" digiCD - (Brand new studio strike of these bestial nekro Death Metal demons. Amazing high quality extreme art!) 12euro
DEATH JOKER (SER) "Ambiviolent" - (Veterans of Serbian death metal)
DEATHSPAWN (POL) "Reverendus" - (Straight in the head detah metal) 9euro
DEATHSPELL OMEGA / CLANDESTINE BLAZE (FRA/FIN) "split" - (Rare split album by these two unique hordes) 20euro
DEATH RIDES A HORSE (DEN) "Tree Of Woe" - ( 70's Heavy Doom Metal for fans of Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus)  8euro
DEATH WARRANT (MEX) "Time of Dying" - (CD release of this legendary oldschool Heavy Speed material + live bonus songs)
DEATH YELL (CHI) "Morbid Rites" - (This old material from 1988 now on CD.Filthy Death Black Metal, old way!)
DECLINE (POL) "Cold Declaration of Visceral Disgust" - (Strong Black Metal creation with dark disturbing feeling) 8euro
DECAYED “The Conjuration of the Sothern Circle” - (First legendary album from 1993, finally available again. Evil Black Metal legacy!)
DECAYED (POR) "Resurrectionem Mortuorum" - (Their second studio album from 1996 on nice re-release now. True Black Metal bestiality!) 
DECAYED (POR) "Shadow Land" - (Well-known Decayed oldschool madness with as they call it Black 'n' Roll touch.True Black oldway Metal!Argh!)
DECAYED (POR) "Chaos Underground" - (Newest album of cult Decayed horde.True oldshool Black Metal!) 8euro
DECAYED (POR) "The Black Metal Flame" - (Dirty, raw Black Metal from Lusitanian lands in best oldway tradition) 8euro
DECAYED (POR) “Under Hecate’s Spells” – (grim oldschool Black Metal!Great true traditional spirit!!!) 8euro
DECAYED/THUGNOR (POR) "split" - (Two great Black Thrash hordes on one CD) 8euro
DECEASED (USA) "As the weird travel on" - (Old demons of Death Metal and one of their masterpieces!)
DECISION TO HATE (GER) "Prepare for self-destruction" - (Traditional Death Thrash Metal)
DEIPHAGO (PHI) "Filipino Antichrist" - (Black Metal from Phillipines?Since 1989?Yes motherfuckers, true evil way!Buy or die!)
DELIRIUM PROJEKT (CHI) "From Natural Waves" digiCD - (Very artistic Dark Post Rock creation on beautiful A5 digipack release) 11euro
DEMENTIA AD VITAM (FRA) "De Gaia, Le Poison ..." - (Ambient neoclassical Black Metal from France) 8euro
DEMOGORGON (POL) "Where Is He...?" - (Straight in the head Death Metal hammering, old violent brutal way!) 8euro
DEMOGORGON (POL) "Christ is a Lie" - (Brutal oldschool Death Metal) 8euro
DEMOLITION SAINT (ITA) "Ignorance Is the Law" - (80's Thrash Metal madness) 8euro
DEMONA (CHI) "Speaking With The Devil" DigiCD - (Evil Speed Metal)  9euro
DENIS TE (RUS) "Merk" - (Electro Dark Ambient) 8Euro
DEEP DESOLATION (POL) "Subliminal Visions" - (Black Metal with strong Doom Metal atmosphere) 8euro
DEPRIVED OF SALVATION (HUN) "Destination : Decay" - (Powerful death metal for fans of early Swedish scene) 9euro
DEPTHS OF DEPRAVITY (HUN) "Inspirritation" - (High class brutal technical death metal) 9euro
DEPTHS OF DEPRAVITY (HUN) "Insensible Extinct Mechanical World" - (Ultra brutal and technical Death Metal) 8euro
DESCENDING DARKNESS (AUT) "Seelenruhe" - (Grim underground Black Metal attack) 8euro
DESCENDING DARKNESS (AUT) "Blutrausch" digiCD - (Strong suicidal Black Metal)
DESOLATE HEAVEN (BLR) "Oskvernenie" - (Provoking direct religious Black Metal)
DESTINO/ENTIERRO ‎(SPA) "Cryptic Procession Of The Yellow Sign" - (Powerful sludge metal) 9euro
DESTRUKTOR (OZ) "nailed" - (Dirty raw christfucking Death Black Metal attack!Latest studio album!) 8euro
DET GAMLE (POL) "Rex Lucifer" DigiCD - (Raw black thrashing metal by members of Besatt)
DET GAMLE BESATT (POL) "Caerimonis Diabolus" - (Diabolical, occult raw Black Thrash Metal with Besatt members. A real blast!) 8euro
DETONATOR (UKR) "Excelsior" - (Ukrainian Thrash Metal since 1990) 8euro
DEVASTATION (CRO) "Complete Devastation" - (Raw Thrash Metal strike.Ultra rare old recordings from 1978-1989 now on greatly packed CD) 8euro
DEVASTATOR (USA) "The Summoning" - (Black Thrash Metal armageddon.Raw, filthy and provoking) 8euro
DEVASTATOR (USA) "The end" - (Black Thrash Metal armageddon.Raw, filthy and provoking) 8euro
DEVASTATOR (ITA) "Alcoholic Invasion" - (Alcoholic Thrash Speed Metal strike) 8euro
DEVASTATOR / BLASPHEMER (USA) "Race Of The Cursed Seeds" - (Nekro raw strike from the bottom of US underground filth) 8euro
DEVIATOR (UKR) "Mighty Black Inner Flame" - (Black ambient Metal with depressive atmosphere)
DEVIL LEE ROT (SWE) "Evil has landed" - (rare live recording ! Special diehard package!) 13euro
DEVILISH (BRA) "Through The Gates Of Death" - (Occult dark Black Metal from Brazil) 8euro
DEVILISH (GER) "Possession" DigiCD – (Primitive grim raw Black Metal)
DEVOTION (SPA) "The Harrowing" - (Nekro oldway death metal hammering) 
DIABOLIC (US) "Excisions of Exorcisms" - (Traditional bestial death metal) 11euro
DIABOLICAL BREED (NOR) "Compendium Infernus - (dark Black Metal)
DIABOLICAL PRINCIPLES (HEL) "Inverstigation a New Dawn" - (Atmospheric Black Metal with great old Greek spirit)
DIABOLOS (US) "The Three Mothers" - (Thrashing death black metal) 11euro
DIAGNOSE : LEBENSGEFAHR (SWE) "Transformalin" - (Trully sick and disturbing Dark ambient Black Metal art by Nattran of almighty Silencer) 11euro
DIAMATREGON (FRA) "The Satanic Devotion" - (Blasphemous Black Metal strike from France)
DICKLESS TRACY (SLO) "Halls of Sickness" - (Maniacal Grind Death Metal.Old fucking way!) 7euro
DIES ATER (GER) "Hunger For Life" - (Latest opus by these German demons, spreading Black Metal hate since 1994) 8euro
DIFTERY (SLO) "Corrupting The Evolution" - (Technical Death Grind Metal , with maximum brutality)
DIMHYMN/HYPOTHERMIA (SWE) "Sjuklig intention" - (Raw noise Black Metal)
DIONONESISTE (ITA) “Mota” - (One man Death Metal strike) 8euro
DISASTROUS MURMUR (AUT) "...and Hungry Are the Lost" - (fucking history of bizarre , gore Death Metal. Rare as fuck!!)
DISASTROUS MURMUR (AUT) "Marinate your meat" - (Gore grind masters! Sick and raw as fuck!)
DISFORTERROR (BRA) "Impalement and Holocaust Stench" - (Violent Brutal Death Metal in maniacal Brazilian way)
DISHARMONY (GRE) "Messe De Minuit" - (Strong death black metal) 12euro
DISINTER (USA) "Desecrated" - (olrschool Death Metal War!)
DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY (CZE) "Time Ruins Also Beauty" - (Veterans of Doom Metal scene. Killer oldway Doom spirit) 8euro
DISSOCIATED HUMAN JUNCTION - (4 way split attack of :Bloodoline, Blut aus Nord, Reverence, Karras. Pure dark Black Metal package!Killer!)DOBYTCI MOR (CZE) "Syndrom" - (Pure Grind Core massacre!)
DISRUPTED (SWE) "Pure Death" - (Pure Swedish death metal darkness) 12euro
DIVINE CODEX (ITA) "Ante Matter" - (Fast blasting Black Metal by members of Setherial and Attila Csihar) 9euro
D.M.C. (CZE) "Blitzkrieg" - (Traditional Oldschool Death Metal attack!) 8euro
D.M.C.(CZE) "Murderous Power" - (Murderous Death Metal machine from Czech underground.First fullength since 1992!)  8euro
DMITRIY RODIONOV EXPERIENCE (RUS) "Seventeen Moments Of Winter" - (Experimental ambient sounds with unique gloomy atmosphere) 8euro
DO SKONU (UKR) "Womb Of Primeval Darkness" - (Occult, dark Black Metal)
DOBYTCI MOR (CZE) "Penury Eats Handly" - (Brutal Czech Grind Core attack) 8euro
DØDSFALL (NOR) "Kronet i Svart Eld" - (Straight in the head Norwegian Black Metal attack) 9euro
DODSFERD (HEL) "Desecrating the Spirit of Life" - (Raw primitive Black Metal)
DOMAIN/DEMONIZED (MEX) "Hellbirth" - (satanic, brutal Death Metal.Ultra quality stuff!)
DOZER (BiH) "Noc za teske price" - (Thrash Punk attack) 6euro
DOOM-ART.RU (RUS) "Compilation" - (Collection of great Doom, Drone... hordes as: Abyssphere, Evoke Thy Lords, Sacratus, Forbidden Funeral.. and many more followed with nice artworks and package) 8euro
DOOMED (GER) "The Ancient Path" digiCD - (Doom Metal with very authentic and artistic atmosphere.Very good!) 11euro
DOOM'S DAY (CAN) "The Unholy" - (Strong Heavy Doom Metal in the old honorable way!)
DOOMENTOR (GER) "Opus Diabolae" DigiCD - (Black doom metal)
DOOMSTER REICH (POL) "How High Fly The Vultures" - (Psychedelic doom metal mantra) 9euro
DRACHENFELS (FRA) "Bow Down For Death" - (Classic traditional European Black Metal)
DRACO HYPNALIS (CZE) "Balance of Moments" - (Unique and sophisticated Death Metal with progressive touch) 8euro
DRAUGEN (FRA) "Among the Lonely Shades" - (Atmospheric Black Metal)
DREPHJARD (NOR) "Maktdominans" - (Aggressive filthy Black Metal)
DREVO (RUS)"Velichie" - (Hypnotic cold Black Metal totally rooted into old Pagan Slavic darkness.Great!)
DROWNED IN BLOOD (MEX) "Deathbringer" - (Brutal Death Metal in Grind Technical way) 8euro
DRUKNROLL (RUS) "Freakingface" - (Traditional heavy hard metal) 9euro
DRUNKEN BASTARDS (HUN) "Motherfucker in the Sky" - (Bestial Thrash Blacking Metal with lot's of dirty influences. Killer!) 8euro
DRUNKEN BASTARDS (HUN) "Horns Of The Wasted" - (Black Thrashing Punk Hard Coring Metal.Sounds weird but it's brutal as hell!) 8euro
DURTHANG (SWE) "Passage Beyond the Cold Vales of Desolation" - (Very first material of this mystical Black Metal duo)
DUMAB (USA) "The Confessor" - (Oldway melodic black metal) 12e
DYSFORI (SWE) "Resan Utan Slut" - (Depressive black metal) 8euro
DYSTER (FRA) "Fallen, Suicided and Forgotten" - (Depressive Black Metal)
DWARFSTAR (HUN) "Perplexing Reality" - (Transcendental Avantgarde Metambient Soundscapes) 9euro
EDAIN (CZE) "Of Those Who Worship Fire" - (Unique progressive Thrash Metal) 7euro
EDAIN (CZE) "The Sulphur Breather" - (Avantgarde/progressive Heavy Metal from Czech with their newest studio material.Cover songs of Bombarder and Debustrol legends!) 7euro
EDEN WEINT IM GRAB (GER) "Geysterstunde II" - (Dark Gothic Metal) 9euro
EFYD (ITA) "Like Shadows" digiCD - (Grinding death metal madness) 8euro
EJECUTOR (CHI) "10 Negros Años De Ejecución" - (Death thrash hammering from Chile) 9euro
EINDIG (HOL) "Doodschrift" - (Depressive suicidal Black Metal)
ELD (NOR) "Primeval Vespers" - (Pure Norwegian Black Metal legacy) 8euro
ELD (NOR) "Krieg: An Odyssey in Misery" - (Pure Norwegian Black Metal legacy) 10eur
ELEGY OF MADNESS (ITA) "Brave Dreams" - (Sympho Metal) 8euro
11 AS IN ADVERSARIES (FRA) "The Full Intrepid Experience of Light" - (Very unique and artistic Black Metal philosophy by members of Glorior Beli, Frostmoon Eclipse)
ELIMI (SWE) "The Seed" - (Newest studio attack by Elimi and their high class Black Metal madness) 8euro
ELIMI (SWE) "Asylum" - (Killer continuation with second album.Pure Black Metal art!) 11euro
ELIMI (SWE) "Summoned From Ashes" - (Very good oldway Black Metal in early Marduk style.A must!)
ELIMINATOR (UK) "We Rule the Night" - (Traditional greatly played NWOBHM. Awesome stuff for true Metal warriors!) 8euro
EMANCER (NOR) "Invisible" - (Really great, atmospheric Black Death Metal)
EMBALMED (MEX) "Exalt The Imperial Beast" - (Bestial Black Death riffing, raw and filthy way!)
EMBRACE OF THORNS (HEL) "Darkness Impenetrable" - (A masterpiece of Darkness and Death!) 11euro
EMBRACE OF THORNS (HEL) "Atonement Ritual" - (Darkness and Hell!Amazingly brutal and dark Death Metal hammering by members of Dead Congregation, Nuclear Winter...)
EMBRACING (SWE) "Dreams Left Behind" - (Strong Swedish Death Metal attack)
EMBRIONAL (POL) "Absolutely Anti-human Behavior" - (Polish Death Metal killing machine!) 8euro
EMPTY (SPA) "The last Breath of My Mortal Despair" - (Grim Apocalyptic Black Metal) 8euro
ENDE (FRA) "Whispers Of A Dying Earth" - (Dark Black Metal in recognized French way)
ENDOMINION (USA) "Invoking Deception" - (Killer oldschool Death Metal in Morbid Angel, Monstrosity style)
ENDOVEIN (ITA) "Waiting for Disaster" - (Technical complex riffing Thrash Metal in the vein of Anthrax, Forbidden, Megadeth)
ENFEUS LODGE (FRA)"Enfeus Lodge" - (Grim religious Black Metal art)
ENOID (SWI) "The New World Murder" - (New dose of straight in the head Black Fucking Metal. Pure uninfected underground spirit, respect!) 8euro
ENOID (SWI) "Livssyklus" - (sharp, raw and fucking brutal Black Metal) 8euro
ERESHKIGAL (MEX) "Shadow's Lands" - (Traditional Black Metal with strong occult touch)
ESCHATON (HEL) "Unshaken" - (Pure Hellenic Black Metal spirit and honor.Killer!) 8euro 
ETERNAL PANDEMONIUM (SLO) “Lost ‘n’ Sound” – (unique mixture of Doom Black Metal)
ETHELYN (POL) "Traces into Eternity" - (Well balanced and arranged Black Death Metal)
EVERLASTING DARK (CZE) "Return to Darkness" - (Atmospheric Doom Metal with lot's of influences from different styles)
EVIL (SLK) "Legenda Neskrotných Živlov" - (Traditional 90's Black Metal) 8euro
EVILIZER (ITA) "Center Of The Grave" - (Oldway heavy metal) 
EVIL INCARNATE (USA) "Waiting For His Return" - (Oldschool Death Metal War)
EVIL MADNESS (CHI) "Hidden Behind The Cross" - (Raw filthy thrash metal) 9euro
EWÏG FROST (AUS) "No Dice" - (Black crust metal) 8euro
EXCESSUM (SWE) "Death Redemption" - (brutal Swedish Black Metal machine!)
EXCIDIUM (POL) "Decimation" - (Blackened thrash metal) 9euro
EXCRUCIATE 666 (FRA) "Riding Fires of Hate" - (Perverse molesting Black Metal war!)
EXCURSE (SPA) "Sitra Ahra" digiCD - (Unique and experimental doom metal art) 9euro
EX CALIGA (FIN) "First Visions" - (Very good Finish Black Metal)
EXILE (JOR) "Unveiling Insanity" - (Oldschool thrash metal in early Kreator, Destruction style) 9euro
EXILE (BUL) "Hatenight" - (Black Metal) 8euro
EXTIRPATION (SPA) "Tormentor Supreme Black Katharsis" - (Raw filthy Black Death Metal attack) 8euro
EYECULT (SWE) "Morituri Te Salutamus" - (Atmospheric Swedish Black Death Metal!)
FAGYHAMU (HUN) "Frostashes" - (Grim Black Metal, raw and filthy as it should definitely be!) 8euro
FALGAR (PR) "La Dama Del Alba" - (Neofolk post Black Metal art) 8euro
FARSCAPE (BRA) "Killers on the Loose" - (Brazilian Thrashing Metal marching!Argh!) 8euro
FASTKILL (JAP) “Nuclear Thrashing Attack” – (brutal, aggressive Thrash Metal War. Killer!!)
FATAL DESOLATION (JAP) "Cold, Starless, Moonless" - (Raw Black fucking Metal for dedicated maniacs of the genre) 8euro
FATALITY (CZE) "Closer to Hell" - (Aggressive Czech Death Metal machine) 7euro
FEROSITY (POL) "Blasphemous Verses" - (Pure fucking Death Metal hammering in killer polish style!) 8euro
FEUERSTURM (GER) - "Apocalypse" - (Traditional German Black Metal)
FEEBLE MINDED (CZE) "Pernicious Intergrowth" - (Crazy Czech Grinding Death Metal)
FJORSVARTNIR (DEN) "Legions of the North" - (Atmospheric black metal) 
FJORSVARTNIR (DEN) "Mzoraxc' Forbandelse" - (Atmospheric black metal) 
FIEND (GER) "Freezing Funeral Serenades" - (raw Black Metal with strong oldschool Death Metal touch)
FIMBUL (NOR) "Ramnens Ferd" - (Both cult demos on one very limited release.For true fans only!)
5:45 (GER) "Notwehr" - (Black Fucking Metal War!Brutal and raw as fuck!)
FLAGELLUM DEI (POR) "Order of the Obscure" - (Wellknown Black Metal soldiers from Portugal with their brand new studio attack!True Black Metal heritage!)
FLAME OF WAR (POL) "Europa: Or The Spirit Among The Ruins" - (War Black Metal)
FOETICIDE (MEX) "War Domain & Torment" - (Highclass Death Metal for fans of Dismember and Entombed!)
FOREST OF DOOM (MEX) "Ancient Woods of Darkness" - (Dark occult Black Metal , South American sick way)
FORGOTTEN SILENCE (CZE) "Kras" - (Progressive metal masters from Czech) 11euro
XIV DARK CENTURIES (GER) "Gizit Dar Faida" - (Well-known German Pagan Metal army and their latest studio album) 8euro
XIV DARK CENTURIES (GER) "Skithingi" - (Pagan Dark Folk art. Great)
FORNICUS (USA) “Hymns of Dominion” - (Violent Blackened Death Metal attack) 9euro
FROM BEYOND (CZE) “Sounds of the Grave” - (awesome forgotten Doom Death Metal in glorious oldschool way)
FRONT BEAST (GER) “Black Spells Of The Damned” – (Killer Oldschool Thrash Black Metal) 8euro
FROZEN OCEAN (RUS) "Oneiric In Geocentricism" - (Dark ambient art for lonely depressive souls) 8euro
FOUDRE NOIRE (FIN)"The Dark Gods" - (Killer hypnotic Black Metal with members of Horna, Sargeist...)
FUNERALIUM (FRA) "Funeralium" - (Twisted Funeral Doom Metal.For sick souls!)
FUNERAL DEPRESSION (POL) "Pure Depression" - (Grim Black Ambient Metal) 8euro
FUNERAL FOG (CAN) "Channelling Ancient Shadows" - (Grim Black Metal, just like it should be!)
FUNERAL MASS (POL)  "At the Crossroad of Dark Paths " DigiCD - (Blasting black metal)
FUNERARY BELL (FIN) "The Coven" - (True dark occult Black Metal spells from Finland!)
FURIA (POL) "I krzyk" - (Second demo now on CD.Killer Black Metal art!) 
GALADRIEL (SLK) "Lost In The Ryhope Wood" - (Melodic Doom Gothic) 8euro
GALOPE MORTAL / THRASHERA "Split" - (Oldway Heavy metal against Raw Thrash´n roll) 8euro
GEHEIMNIS (BRA) "Ilha De Tormentos" - (Misanthropic raw Black Metal) 8euro
GENERICHRIST (USA) "Strangultion Of A Twisted Mind" - (US Death Thrash Metal with dirty Punkish marks) 8euro
GENERICHRIST (USA) "Mindumpster" - (US Death Thrash Metal with dirty Punkish marks) 8euro
GERIHT (RUS) "Ruins Of Humanity" - (Slow Dark Ambient Black Metal) 8euro
GERMANEN BLUT (GER) "Wandelnd in der..." - (Pathriotic Black Pagan Metal)
GJENFERDSEL (NOR) "I" - (Amazing spiritual Epic Black Metal from Norway!) 8euro
GLORIA MORTI (FIN) "Lifestream Corrosion - ( straight in the head Black Metal)
GNOME (JAP) "Silent Scream" - (90's depressive and atmospheric Black Metal madness in the vein of early Burzum legacy) 8euro
GNOSTIC (USA) "Hatewar 666" - (filthy underground Black Metal)
GOATLORD (USA) "The Last Sodomy of Mary" - (Absolute cult of nekro Death Black Doom) 11euro
GOATLORD (USA) "Sodomize the Goat" - (Absolute cult of nekro Death Black Doom) 11euro
GOAT OF MENDES (GER) "To Walk Upon The Wiccan Way" - (Quality Dark Black Metal seal!)
GODLESS RISING (USA) "Battle Lords" - (Oldway nekro Death Metal massacre!) 8euro
GODCIDER (RU) "Мракобесје или смрт" - (Bestial warlike black metal strike) 12euro
GOETIA (POL) "Theurgia Goetia" - (Absolute unexpected return!Amazing brutal Black Metal for all true believers!Argh!) 8euro
GOETIA (POL) "Wolfthorn" - (Grim filthy and brutal Black Metal!) 8euro
GONFANON (FRA) "Call to Arms" - (Traditional Black Metal from France. First release after seven years of silence.)  
GOREPOT (TAI) "Happy hour" - ( Insane brutal Gore Death Metal)
GOREBAG (FIN) "Tethered to the Wicked Domain" - (Brutal and sick gore groove metal)
GRA (SWE) "Grá" - (Dark deep Black Metal grimness!)
GRABAK (GER) "Agash Daeva" - (Well-known German Black Metal horde. Strong 90's Black Metal creation!) 9euro
GRAFENSTEIN (GER) "Silence Endless" - (Aggressive , raw Black Metal)
GRAFENSTEIN (GER) "Death Born" - (Brutal Black Metal attack from Germany. Great!)
GRAMARY (FIN) "Suffocation" - (High quality Black Metal from Finland in awesome slipcase package) 
GRAV (SWE) "Mental illvilja" - (Pure Swedish Black Metal sickness, depression and misery by members of: Helhedom, Svartrit, Kaos Sacramentum...)
GRAVE DESECRATOR (BRA) "Unblessed Bootleg Live In Bressuire" - (Official live album by these nekro dirty Black Death maniacs!) 8euro
GRAVEYARD / KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR "Split" - (Thrashing double attach) 9euro
GRAVEYARD DIRT (IRE) "For Grace Or Damnation" - (Gloomy Doom Metal for worshipers of the old forgotten style!) 8euro
GRAVEWURM (USA) "Funeral Empire" - (Oldschool Black Death Metal with filthy nekro sound)
GRAVEWURM/HEKSERI (USA) “nekro split” – (Maniacal nekro oldschool attack.Brutal and raw as Hell!)
GREAT VAST FOREST (BRA) "Battletales..." – (Very good Black Metal. True feeling!)
GRENADE (OZ) "The Howling Damned" - (Filthy Australian Death Metal madness!)
GRIEVING MIRTH (INT) "Calamitosvs Omine" - (Atmospheric post Blck Metal) 8euro
GRIMFAUG (BEL) "Blood Upon The Face of Creation" - (Traditional European Black Metal.Very good!)
GRIM FORCE (JAP) "Circulation to Conclusion" - (Thrash Metal from the past.Great!)
GRIMLAIR (FRA) "Tragedy In Silence" - (Depressive melancholic Black Metal) 8euro
GROUND CONTROL (ITA) “Insanity” – (old brutal Thrash Metal)
GRYLLE ‎(FRA) "Mondes Vermeils" - (Medieval music with Black Metal touch) 9euro
GUERRA TOTAL (COL) "Mas alla de la tumba" - (Amazing mix of Black Thrash speed Metal with oldschool touch) 8euro
GYLLIATH (HU) "Lacrimae Angelorum" - (Straight in the head black metal massacre) 9euro
HADER (GER) "Ascheregen" - (hatefull Black Metal)
HAGAL (GER) "Karg" - (Emotional Dark Black Metal.101% great package, design..)
HAIL TO BOMBARDER! "Tribute to Bombarder" - (Honorable tribute to these legends of ex Yugoslavian Thrash Speed Metal! Band that sealed old Metal scene of entire Balkan lands covered by 16 amazing hordes as: Nifelheim, Koldbrann, Avenger, Edain, Infest, Space Eater and many others. True Metal spirit and diehard Bombarder fanaticism!) 
HAMMER WHORE (USA) "Hammerwhore - (Dirty, hellish Satanic Thrash Metal)
HANDFUL OF HATE (ITA) “Hierarchy 1999” – (Brutal, fast Black Metal in old traditional way.Great!!)
HANTERNOZ ‎(FRA) "Mallozh D'Ar Zistrujerien Kastell Ankiniz" - (Pagan folk inspired Black Metal sounds) 8euro
HAT (NOR) "The Deemise of Mankind" digiCD - (Grim Black Metal darkness from Norway) 
HATE BEYOND (JAP) "Strangled Existence" - (Thrash death madness from Japan) 8euro
HATE BEYOND (JAP) "Ruthless Aggression" - (Thrash death madness from Japan) 8euro
HATEFUL AGONY (GER) "Existence is Punishment" - (raw aggressive Thrash Metal for dirty headbangers!)
HATESTORM (RUS) "Cursed Rituals" - (Raw grim Black Metal) 8euro
HATESTORM (RUS) "Filth Purity" - (Raw Black Metal)  7e
HATETREND (FIN) "Violated" - (Massive powerfull Groove Metal with lot's of Thrash influences.Very good stuff!)
HATEWORK (ITA) “The Actual Worst Has Come” - (Wellknown Italian Thrash Metal force!666% Thrash!)
HATEWORK (ITA) "Madbent for Disaster" - (fist in the head Thrash Metal brutality!!)
HATS BARN (FRA) "Primitive Humans Desecration" - (Direct sharp merciful Black Metal madness!)
HATE THEM ALL (POL) "Defender of the Black Throne" - (666% black metal strike) 8euro
HAVOC (MEX) "Elimination Process" - (Brutal Thrash Metal) 8euro
HAVOCUM (IRE) "Satans Apogeum" - (Grim black metal) 8euro
HAYRAS (HEL) "Sombre Destin" – (Atmospheric Black Metal)
HELA (SPA) "Death May Die" digiCD - (Stoner doom metal) 9euro
HELL FURRY (ECU) "Enemy of the Virtue (Blaspheme and Crush the Cross)" - (Blasphemous black metal) 9euro
HELLFIRE (CHI) "The Seven Gates In Hell" - (Black thrash metal) 9euro
HELLIGE (ARG) "Camino de Agua" - DigiCD - (Strong mixture of black, sludge and doom sounds)
HELSLAKT (SWI) "Corruption" - (Raw Black Metal like early Khold) 8euro
HELSLAKT (SWI) "D'une Melomanie Perverse au Leitmotiv d'Helslakt" - (Primitive raw disturbing Black Metal) 8Euro
HELLCRAWLER (SLO) "Sandstorm Chronicles" - (Death Thrash Metal with lots of Punk and Rock influences) 9euro
HELLHATE (UKR) "Retsonretap" - (Raw Black Metal) 8euro
HELLLIGHT (BRA) "Funeral Doom" - (Dark and obscure Funeral Doom Metal) 8euro
HELL POISON (BRA) "Burn With Me" - (One-man speed nekro black metal attack) 8euro
HELLSPAWN (POL) “In Agelessness” - (Powerful death metal) 9euro
HELVETIN MUSTA PETO (FIN) "Helvetin Musta Peto" - digibookCD - (Brutal Finish Black Metal compilation with: Anal Blasphemy, Barathrum, Azaghal, Svartkraft, Musta Kappeli... ) 11euro
HELLVETO (POL) "Galeon"&"Hellveto" - (Epic Pagan Black Metal.Real tribute to old Bathory, Graveland golds!)
HELLVETO (POL) “Stos” – (Another awesome Black Epic journey. Amazing atmosphere)
HEXENWALD (GER) "Nordland Okkult Mysterium" - (Gloomy Black Metal played in grim nekro way bringing honored spirit of early Graveland, Moonblood...) 
HIDDEN (USA) "Spectral Magnitude" - (Outstanding Black Metal creation by Judas Iscariot, Necrophagia, Krieg forces.Very deep and quality dark art!) 8euro
HIDDEN (USA) "Dead Land Energy" - (Outstanding Black Metal creation by Judas Iscariot, Necrophagia, Krieg forces.Very deep and quality dark art!) 8euro
HIGHGATE (USA) "Black Frost Fallout" - (Extremely dark Doom Black Metal)
HIGHGATE (USA) "Shrines To The Warhead" - (Extremely dark Doom Black Metal)
HILLS OF SEFIROTH (USA) "A Draught of the Seas of..." - (Raw, sharp Black Metal)
HIMINBJORG (FRA) "Where Ravens Fly" - (Very good Black Metal with lot's of cleaver and tasty Pagan influences)
HIRAX (USA) "Noise, Chaos, War" - (Thrash Metal lesions! Kult Hirax Thrash bombing!)
HIRAX (USA) "Not Dead Yet" - (Finally available again, that great collection from 1987)
HIRVEA (FIN) "Tuska Ja Pakokauhu" DigiCD - (Funeral Doom Metal ritual) 9euro
HLADOMRAK (SWE) "Arctic Hysteria" - (Grim Swedish black metal) 9euro
HOLMGANG (DEN) "Gengangerens kvad" - (Black Metal with folk elements)
HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL (POR) "Opus Genetalia" - (Maniacal sick Gore grinding Metal)
HOLOCAUSTUM (USA) “In The Fields They Bled” - (Oldschool Death Metal terror strongly inspired by Morbid Angel legacy) 9euro
HOLOCAUSTUM (USA) “Crawling Through The Flames Of Damnation” - (Oldschool Death Metal terror strongly inspired by Morbid Angel legacy) 9euro
HOLOKAUST NACHTIGALL (GER) "In the Ashes of the Promised Land" - (Black Nihilistic Metal.For radical maniacs only!)
HOLOCAUSTUS/ODELEGGER (HEL) – "Split" – (Black Metal)
HOMSELVAREG (ITA) "Homselvareg" - (Aggressive, brutal Black Metal)
HORDAGAARD (NOR) "Kveldskved" - (One of the most active and unique Black Metal acts from deepest Norwegian underground.Respect!)
HORDAGARD (NOR) "Djeveldyrkar" - (Dark underground Black Metal from Norway!A way different then nowadays trendy craps coming from this country..)
HORDES OF THE LUNAR ECLIPSE (USA) - "Dancing Demons In The Grey-Lit Glade" - (sharp, grim oldway traditional Black Metal) 8euro
HORROR OF HORRORS (USA) "Blood, Fangs And Foulness" doubleCD - (After years of waiting here we have real diehard collection on double CD package.Death Metal Darkness!) 9euro
HORTUS ANIMAE (ITA) "Funeral Nation MMXII" - (Very dark and authentic Black Metal) 8euro
HUGINN (ITA) "Back From The Old Hills" - (primitive Dark Black Metal. Pack with special sticker gift!)
HUMAN WASTE (SPA) "Harvest Remnants" - (Technical and progressive death metal) 8euro
HUMUGUR (HUN) "Bring Decay to an End" - (Death metal) 8euro
HUNAZ (GER) "Unser wald" - (Wild Pagan Black Metal in Absurd style)
HVOSCH (RUS) "Thornsmoat" - (Post black metal) 8euro
HYADNINGAR (FRA) "The Weak Creation" - (Dark doomish Black Metal)
HYPNOTIC SCENERY (CZE) "Detur & Crystal Curtain" - (Oldway Doom Death Metal since 1993) 8euro
GRAFENSTEIN (GER)"Merciless Misanthropic" - (slow, grim Black Metal with long atmospheric passages)
IDIS ORLOG (NOR) “The Spiral Tide of the Seasons” digiCD - (Strong Pagan neofolk with amazing atmosphere for fans of: Hagalaz Runedance, Eliwagar, Fire+Ice, and Folkearth) 11euro
IDIS ORLOG (NOR) "Idis Orlog" - (Demo recording on nice card-pack CD. Emotional Northern Pagan Folk art) 5euro
ILL OMEN (OZ) "Compendium Melificarum - Esoterica" - (Unique Occult Black Metal)
ILL OMEN (OZ) “Enthroning the Bonds of Abhorrence” - (Unique Occult Black Metal)
ILDHUR (MEX) "The Wondering" - (melancholic occult Black Metal with ambiental passages.101% Sick!)
IGNIVOMOUS (OZ) "Hieroglossia" - (Raw Australian death metal) 9euro
IMAGO MORTIS (ITA) "Ars Obscura" - (Traditional occult Black Metal from old Italian scene.Great stuff!)
IMPACT (HOL) "The Flag" - (Legendary heavy metal album from 1987 on re-issued CD)
IMPENDING DOOM (GER) "Signum Of Hate" - (Oldschool German Death Metal.Pioneers of traditional Death Metal!)
IMPERADOR BELIAL (BRA) "Curse of Belial" DigiCD - (Blapshemic raw black metal)
IMPIOUS HAVOC (FIN) “Infidels” - (Destructive Black Metal blasphemy in sharp raw Finish style)
IMPIETY (SIN) "Against all Gods" - (Brand new strike from hell) 15euro
IMPIETY (SIN) "Vengeance Hell Immemorial" - (Bestial black thrash death machine) 11euro
IMPURITY (US) "Of Lust and War" - (Death metal made in Florida) 12euro
INCERTUS (POL) "Predestination to Domination" - (Black death metal) 9euro
INCREMATE (GER) "Prospect Of Death" - (Oldschool Death Metal) 9euro
INCRIMINATED (FIN)"Kings of misery" - (Grim filthy Black Death Metal)
INFAMOUS (ITA) "of solitude and silence" - (Depressive Black Metal with nice touch of early Italian scene) 8euro
INFERIS (CHI) "Obscure Rituals of Death and Destruction" - (Death Metal in the best tradition of South American style.Dark, raw and obscure!) 8euro
INFERNAL LEGION (USA) "Spear of Longinus" - (Raw filthy oldschool Death Metal) 8euro
INFERNAL NEKROMANTIK (ECU) "Necromantic Odes" - (Occult black metal filth) 9euro
INFERNO / TUNDRA (CZE) "Infernal Belief" - (split CD, with brand new songs from both hordes.Killer!!) 7euro
INFEST (SER) "Anger Will Remain" - (Warlike black metal from Serbian underground) 8euro
INFINITY (HOL) "Back to the Source (Summon the Black Flame)" - (Veterans of Dutch Black Metal bestiality, great collection!) 9euro
INFUNERAL (SWE) "Torn from the Abyss" - (Hatefull dark and sharp Swedish Black Metal)
INFUNERAL / THE LAST KNELL (SWE/CHI) "Split Spell" - (Two devoted Black Metal creations on one CD. For true worshipers of Black Fucking Metal!) 9euro 
INHUMANE DEATHCULT (FIN) "On Behalf of Satan" - (Raw Black Metal in old Mayhem way)
INJURY (ITA) "Unleash the Violence" - (Take-no-prisoners Thrash Metal strike, with immense loyalty to the '80s American Thrash origins!Respect!) 8euro
INQUESTED (NOR) "The Red Chamber" - (Strong Thrash Metal with lots of oldschool Heavy influences) 8euro
INSANE (CZE) "Preserve To Diverse" - (Strong attack of Death Thrash Metalers from Czech)
INSANE VESPER (FRA) "Twilight of Extinction" - (Raw aggressive Black Metal)
INSANIAE (POR) "Outros Temem Os Que Esperam Pelo Medo Da Eternidade" - (Doom Metal strongly mixed with Death touch)
INSULTER (BR) "Blood Spits, Violences and Insults" - (Legendary Insulter and collection of their 80's works)
INTAGLIO (RUS) "Intaglio" - (Depressive slow funeral Doom Metal)
INTERIOR DISPOSITION (RUS) "Taedium Vitae" - (Drone Dark Ambient) 8euro
INTIG (INT.) "Dystymi" - (Depressive black metal) 8euro
INTIG (INT.) "Modfälld" - (Depressive black metal) 8euro
IREFUL (ITA) "The Walls Of Madness" - (Oldschool thrash metal) 9euro
ISANMAA (FIN) "Yli Peltojen, Vetten ja Tunturien" - (Brutal Black Metal by Kimmo "Sir" Luttinen ex Impaled Nazarene, Beherit, Catamenia...recorded back in 1996) 8euro
ISEGRIM (GER) “Gloria deo, Domino Inferi” – (ancient melodic Black Metal)
ISOLATION (GER) "Isolation" - (Depressive suicidal raw Black Metal)
ISOLERT (HEL) "World in Ruins" digiCD - (Misanthropic black fucking metal)
JADE (INT.) “Smoking Mirror” DigiCD - (Deep, gloomy atmospheric dark death metal)
JÄÄPORTIT (FIN) "Jääportit" - (Frostbitten dark sounds from Finland) 11euro
JARI PITKANEN / SHUM "Jää / Jég" - (Two experimental dark artists on one unique split path) 8euro
JE (FRA) "Un Royaume de Nuit" - (Depressive Post Rock art mixed with Doom Dark passages.Very good!) 8euro
JOHNSTONE (GER) "Welcome to the..." - (Oldschool Death Metal)
KALKI AVATARA (ITA) "Mantra For The End of Times" - (Strange experimental Black Metal art with lots of variations)  8euro
KALOPSIA (USA) "Amongst The Ruins" digiCD - (Oldway Gore Death Metal) 9euro
KAOS (USA) "Validated in Blood" - (Latest studio work by this old goats of Thrash Metal scene since 1988!) 8euro 
KARBONIZED TRAITOR (LUX) "Hëll.Firë.Sëx" - (Chaotic and brutal extreme Metal madness) 8euro
KARMANJAKA (SWE) "Gates of Muspel" - (Black metal for devoted souls)
KARNARIUM (SWE) "Karnarium" - (Oldway raw grim Death Metal as it should be!) 8euro
KATAXU/NECATOR (POL) "Split" - ( Two Black Metal hordes united on one release.Very rare Kataxu demo!)
KERASPHORUS (USA) "Cloven hooves at the holocaust dawn" - (Raw Black Death Metal with members of hordes as : Order From Chaos, Revenge, Arkhon Infaustus..)
KERKER (GER) - "Ban All Lights" - (Raw filthy black metal) 8euro
KERKER (GER) - "A Dime For The Bleak Faces" DigiCD- (Raw filthy black metal) 8euro
KHAOZ (HOL) "I, Creator Of Damnation" - (Straight in the head Death Metal) 9euro
KHASHM (RUS) "Serpents of Death" - (Straight in the head Black Metal) 8euro
KHORS (UKR) "Mysticism" - (Russian version of this great Black Metal album) 7euro
KILL (POL) "Murder Rips Its Path" digiCD - (Death Metal as it should be, dark, evil and powerful.Very good refreshment on nowadays scene!) 
KILTE (BEL) "Absence.." - (Depressive dark grim Black Metal spell)
KING'S-EVIL (JAP) “Deletion Of Humanoise” – (merciless, raw, fast as fuck Thrash Metal madness!!!Argh!!)
KIRCHENBRAND (AUT) "Abgrunde" - (Traditional 90ts Satanic Black Metal)
KLADOVEST (UKR)"Kladovest"digiCD - (Pagan Black Metal way it should be, real Slavic spiritual sounds)
KLANDESTYN (RUS) “Wounds Bleeding Black” digiCD - (Cold Northern Black Metal art , hermetic grim Russian way!)
KOLAC (SER) "Bastard son is dead" - (Raw and grim black metal) 8euro
KOLAC (SER) "Zauvek crni" - (Latest studio album, black fucking metal. Japanese license edition!) 8euro
KORPBLOD (SWE) "Uraldrig Samklang" - (Very good spiritual atmospheric Black Metal from Swedish woods)
KOSA / NABURUS (POL) "Rydwany Śmierci / Martwy" - (Grim black metal) 8euro
KOZELJNIK (SER) "Sigil Rust" DigiCD - (Dar black metal from Serbia)
KOZELJNIK (SER) "Null: The Acheron of Multiform Negation" - (Serbian Dark Black Metal, newest opus featuring Niklas of Shining as guest) 8euro
KOOZAR (JAP) "Koozar / Bangi Vanz Abdul" - (Devastating underground Black Metal attack) 8euro
KRIEG (USA) "The Church" - (Krieg Black Metal, nothing more - nothing less!)
KRIEG (USA) "The Black House" - (A real masterpiece of Black Metal nihilism)
KRIEG (USA) "Destruction Ritual" - (One of the most brutal and grim Black Metal releases ever!Oldway, sick and disturbing!) 12euro
KRIEG / MOLOCH  (USA/UKR) "Split" - (Pure underground Black Metal devotion) 9euro
KRIG (RUS) “Throne of majestic..” – (Epic pagan Black Metal) 8euro
KROHM (USA) "A World Through Dead Eyes" - (depressive, sick, raw Black Nekro Metal) 
KROHM (USA) "..Slayer of Lost Martyrs.." - (depressive, sick, raw Black Nekro Metal)
KRV (BiH) "Grob i tama" - (After 11 years brand new album of these black metal veterans)
KRV (BiH) "Ograma" - (Very good straight in the head Black Metal!) 8e
KURGAALL (ITA) "Death To The Infidels" - (High class Black Metal devastation!) 8euro
KVLT OF EBLIS (COL) “Templo de la Serpiente Negra” - (Wild and wicked South American black metal madness) 
LADY BEAST (USA) "Lady Beast" - (Oldway Hard n Heavy Metal)  8euro
LAIR (UKR) "Black Moldy Brew" - (Very good and strong Black Metal art) 9euro
LAND OF HATE (ITA) "Neutralized Existence" - (Thrash Death Metal) 7euro
LARVA 108 (ITA)"99.09 Inside the stones" - digiCD - (Psychotic experimental Ambient. Hermetic and dark as hell.)
LAST WAIL (RUS) "Memories" - (Strong mixture of Pagan Metal sounds hailing from far, far Siberian landscapes) 8euro
LATHSPELL (FIN) "Versus Ecclesia" - (Great and very original Black Metal) 8euro
LATHSPELL (FIN) "Fascination of Deviltry" - (Another great opus of pure Finish Black Metal art) 8euro
LEBENSGEFAHR (SWE) "Tunes From The Edge" - (Ambient doom black metal) 8euro
LEECH (SWE) "Cyanide Christ" - (Swedish thrash metal) 8euro
LEGACY (COL) "Metallic Assault" - (Traditional Speed Metal with full spirit and quality!No escape, just merciless Speed killing!)
LEGACY OF BLOOD (POL) "Murder Hymn" - (Atmospheric Aryan Pagan Black Metal)
LEGEN BELTZA (SPA) "Need to Suffer" - (101% Thrash Metal to the bone.Dynamic traditional way)
LETHE (UKR) "Nowhere" A5 packCD - (Amazing dark ambient creation with killer atmosphere)
LICHT ERLISCHT... (GER) "...And Below, The Retrograde Disciples" digiCD - (Deep gloomy Funeral Doom Black Metal sickness) 10euro
LICHT ERLISCHT... (GER) "The Narrow Path" - (Deep gloomy Funeral Doom Black Metal sickness) 9euro
LOBOTOMY (MAL) "Satanic Speed Metal Ritual" - (Oldway Speed Thrash Metal in dirty nekro Satanic way!) 8euro
LORDAMOR (FIN) "Lordamor" - (A perfect mixture of Black and slow dark Doom Metal.Cold and dark as Hell!)
LORDS OF BUKKAKE (SPA) "Desorden Y Rencor" - (40 minutes of sickening slow motion Sludge Doom Metal, perverted Spanish way!)
LORD OF PAGATHORN (FIN) "Msilihporcen" - (Cold northers black metal) 9euro
LORN (ITA) "Towards the abyss of disease" - (grim, melancholic Black Metal)
LOST LIFE (GER) "Odium (The Downfall Of The Bleeding Hearts)" - (Suicidal hypnotic Black Metal) 8euro
LOST LIFE (GER) "Wrecked Human Deathcult" - (Depressive grim Black Metal) 8euro
LUGUBRUM (BEL) "De Totem Black Metal" - (Great oldschool thrashing Black Metal)
LUNATII (RUS) "Deprosorryum" - (Deppressive post black metal) 8euro
LUNATIC GODS (SLO) "Ante portas" digiCD - (Newest strike of this maniacal progressive Metal freaks. Amazing!) 8euro
LURK (FIN) "Lurk" - (Chaotic mixture of Sludge, Death, Doom Metal.Raw and primitive, dark and down-tempo!)
LUSITANIAN DARK HORDE II (POR) "Hymns For The Coming Armageddon" - (Lusitanian Black Metal front with 16 hordes as: Flagellum Dei, Onirik, Irae, Koltum..) 8euro
LUTOMYSL (UKR) "Decadence" – (Very original Black Metal) 8euro
LUX DIVINA (SPA) "Walk Within The Riddle" - (Killer new studio strike of these Black Pagan Metal veterans) 9euro
LUX DIVINA (SPA) "Possessed By Telluric Feelings" - (Black Pagan Metal in it's best tradition) 9euro
LUX DIVINA (SPA) "From The Tomb To Nature's Blood" - (Strong Black Metal with Pagan influences) 8euro
LUX FERRE (POR) "Antichristian War Propaganda" - (War Black Metal, plain and simple!)
MABTHERA (HUN) "On The Infernal Path" - (Traditional 90's Black Metal) 8euro
MAJESTIC MASS (DEN) "Savage empire of death" - (Evil blackened war heavy metal) 8euro
MALEDICTIVE PIGS (GER) "Gloodshed" - (Brutal Death machine from Germany like Repulsion, Terrorizer...) 8euro
MALEDICTIVE PIGS (GER) "Soul Surgery" - (Destructive Death Metal madness !A must) 8euro
MALEDICTION (HUN) "Reductio Ad Absurdum" - (Death metal hammering) 9euro
MALEFICUM ORGIA (FRA) "Maleficum Orgia" - (Occult dark Black Metal in old Beherit style)
MALMORT (FRA) "Vox in Excelso" - (Franch Black Metal darkness with members of Atrophy, Nehemah...) 8euro
MANES (NOR) "How The World Came To An End" - (Old Norwegian demons with their twisted and sick Black Metal)
MANTICORE (USA) "Ritual Cleansing Of The Whore" - (necro US Death Metal)
MANTICORE (USA) "For Rats and Plague" - (Raw, dirty, nekro, blasting Death Metal!Killer!)
MARERITT (NOR) "Hymner til Doden og Morket" - (Dark obscure Black Metal from Norway.666% UG spirit)
MARTIRE (OZ) "Brutal Legions of the Apocalypse" - (Masters of dirty nekro Black Thrash Death are back with their full studio attack!)
MARTIRE (AUS) "Martire" - (traditional maniacal Australian Thrash Death Metal)
MASACRE (COL) “Cancer De Nuestros Dias” - (Old kult demo from 1990 now on a perfect CD release) 8euro
MASACRE (COL) "Total Death" - (Cultish old-school Death Metal) 8euro
MASTIC SCUM (AUT) "Mind" - (Veterans of old Grind Death Metal.Fist in the head!)
MATER MONSTIFERA (CZE) "On The Mirrors Lies" - (Brand new studio album.Quality Melodic Black Metal like old Cradle Of Filth) 8euro
MAY RESULT (SER) "Tmina" - (Atmospheric grim and sharp black metal. 20 years anniversary release) 
MAY RESULT (SER) "Slava Smrti" digiCD - (Latest studio album, Black Metal in the name of Death!Battlegod release!)
MENHIR (GER) "Thuringia" - (Strong powerful Pagan Black Metal)
MERIDION (CHI) "Rise from The South" - (Oldway occult death metal) 9euro
MERKNET (RUS) "Rotten Omega Ceremony" DCD - (Occult nihilistic Black Metal darkness from cold Russian landscapes.Double 6 panel digipack CD with obscure artworks painted in real blood)
MERRIMACK (FRA) "Obsecrations to the Horned" - (Old demos and extra bonus from EP's)
MERCYFUL FATE (DEN) "Early Sabbath - (Live Dynamo, September 28th, 1982) 15euro
MESLAMTAEE (HOL) "Utopia" - (Dirrect, raw and aggressive black metal dirt) 8euro
METALSTEEL (SLO) "Beyond the Starts" digi CD - (Powerful traditional heavy metal strike) 
METALSTEEL (SLO) "Entertainment" - (Powerful traditional heavy metal strike) 9euro
METALSTEEL (SLO) "This is Your Revelation" - (True oldway Heavy Metal) 9euro
MIND ASYLUM (FRA) "Eodharius" - (Melancholic Dark Black Metal creation in gloomy French way) 8euro
MISANTHROPE (MEX) "Symbols of misery" - (Traditional 90's Death Metal) 8euro
MISTRESS OF THE DEAD (CZE) "Buried" digiCD - (Deep, dark Doom Metal) 8euro
MISTRESS OF THE DEAD (CZE) "Cryptic" digiCD - (Deep, dark Doom Metal) 8euro
MOLOCH (UKR) "Verwüstung" - (Strong Ambient Black Metal) 9euro
MOLOCH (UKR) "Der Schein des schwärzesten Schnees" - (Unique , strong Black Metal with ambient touch.Very good!) 9euro
MOLOCH LETALIS (POL) ”Arkana Chaosu” - (Black death metal sodomy) 8euro
MOLOCH LETALIS (POL) "Apoteoza Smierci" - (Unpure, diabolic Black Metal strike.Strong and creative Black Metal art!)
MOONBLOOD Tribute "Lightnings Over the Burning Church" - (Very first official tribute album to this legendary Black Metal horde. Inferno, Evil, Agazgul, Nargaroth, Pagan Hellfire...) 8euro
MOONFOG (SLO) „Ordinary Misanthrophic & Repulsive Anthems“ - (Brutal Sick Gore Death from Slovakia) 8euro
MOONFOG (SLO) "Slaughter of the fatstuck" - (Another dose of brutality and sickness) 8euro
MOONKULT (FIN) "Profane Nightmare Of Seers" - (Cold wrath-full Black Metal art in well-known Finish way) 9euro
MONKEYPRIEST (SPA) "Defending the tree" - (Very good authentic Doom Metal) 7euro
MOONREICH (FRA) "Loi Martiale" - (Militant Black Metal machine.Brutal Black Metal in the vein of Marduk legacy) 8euro
MOONTOWER / TARAN (POL) "Devil´s Incarnation" - (new stuff, ancient Pagan Black metal.Pure Slavic Spirit)
MOR (SER) "Lutanja sakatoga bespućima samsare" - (Nihilistic Black Metal) 7euro
MOR / STIELAS STORHETT / LIHOLESIE (RUS) "Death Comes From the North" digiCD - (One of the best releases hailing from Murmansk.Amazing split release and real meaning of dark Black Metal spirit)
MORAVSKA ZIMA / SLAVIGROM (CZE) - (Two Czech Black Metal hordes with old Eastern Black Metal spirit)
MORBID MACABRE (COL) "Damn Goat" - (Necro death black with members of Masacre, Revange) 11euro
MORBID MACABRE ‎(COL) "Hell And Damnation" - (Warlike black death metal) 9euro
MORBID YELL/KORGULL THE EXTERMINATOR (SPA) "Split Conspiracy" - (Two nekro Black Thrash hordes)
MORBOSIDAD (USA) “Cójete A Dios Por El Culo” - (Bestial heavencrushig black death metal)
MORD 'A' STIGMATA (POL) "Antimatter" - (Post Black Avantgarde Metal with many variations and originality) 8euro
MORGGORM (MAL) "The Eye of Grosha Dimmag" - (Pure Thrashing insanity.True Thrash Metal, wicked Malaysian way!)
MORNINGSTAR (FIN)"Finnish metal" - (old traditional Dark Black Metal)
MORSURE (USA) "Acceleration Process / M.A.D. 1984 Demo" - (Thrash Death madness.Great!)
MORT (GER) "Raw & Cold" - (Pure traditional German Black metal)
MORTAL INTENTION (GER) "Abglanz" - (Melodic Black Metal with touch of early Dimmu Borgir works) 9euro
MORTEM / MORBID (NOR/SWE) "split attack" - (rare and kult release of these Norwegian and Swedish monsters! Old nekro grimness!)
MORTIFILIA (CZE) "Embrace" - (Melodic Death Metal, Czech traditional way!) 8euro
MORTIFY (HEL) "The Way Of All Flesh" - (Ald goats of Hellenic Black Metal circle since 1987.More then great collection of their works on one CD)
MORTJURI (GER) "...Desolute" - (Very original strong Black Death Metal opus)
MORTUARY (SER) "Final Mortuary of Souls" - (Cult Serbian early 90's death metal pioneers)
MORTUUS CAELUM (HEL) "Ventus Infesto" - (Old way Black Metal magic ala masters Rotting Christ, Varathron, Necromantia)
MORTUUS CAELUM / WINDS OF MALICE (GRE/USA) "Split" - (Traditional dark and meaningful Black metal)
MOTHERPIG (BiH) "Nojev let" - (Dark and Heavy Hardcore/Rock'n'Roll played in dirty oldway like Motorhead meets Amebix) 7euro
MOURNING DAWN (FRA) "Mourning Dawn" - (Suicidal Deppressive Doom Black Metal with amazing atmosphere)
MOURNING DAWN (FRA) "For The Fallen" - (Finally their new opus.Amazing Dark Black Metal with lots of Doom touch)
MOURNING FOREST (FRA) "De la Vermine" - (Minimalistic underground Black Metal) 8euro
MUCOUS SCROTUM (ISR) "Hall of the Slain" - (Fast aggressive Black Metal) 8euro
MURTAD (IND) "Extirpate The Remaining Breath" - (Brutal death metal attack) 8euro
MUSTA KAPPELI (FIN)"Saatanassa Ulvoneet" - (Filthy Finish Black Metal)
MUTILATION(Ser)/FLESHRIPPER(Usa)/GORROTER(Pol) - 3 way split- (brutal, gore, split CD with 3 amazing acts!! For sick Death fans only)
MYHRDING (SWE) "Myhrding" - (Atmospheric Black Metal with great Scandinavian spirit from the beginning of 90s) 8euro
MYKORRHIZA (SWE) "Shatered Dreams" - (Ultra quality technical Death Thrash Metal)
MYSTAGOG (HUN) "...of Old" - (Grim Black Metal with deep atmosphere and true underground spirit) 8euro
MYSTIC CIRCLE (GER) "The Bloody Path of God" - (Latest studio album before they split up. Melodic German Black Metal)
NACHTGEBLUT (GER) "Strange Ways To Ancient Times" - (Black Dark Metal art strongly inspired by old philosophy! Great and unique!)
NACHTLIEDER (SWE) “Views from the North” digiCD - (Depressive doomy black metal)
NADIR (HUN) "The Sixth Extinction" - (Aggressive Death metal hammering) 8euro
NAR MATTARU (CHI) "In the Black Spheres Of Time" - (Chilean Death Metal darkness!Amazing grim DM massacre!) 8euro
NATIVE IN BLACK (RUS) "At the Mystic gates of Eternal Winter" - (Primitive Black Metal) 8euro
NATTSMYG (SWE) "Fylgja" - (Folk Viking Black Metal with old spirit and atmosphere)
NAASTRAND / DARKENHOLD (FRA) "Split album" - (Two new and very promising Black Metal forces from France)
NATURAL SPIRIT (UKR) "Under Sickle of Time" - (Pagan metal)
NAV (RUS) "From Nav to Jav" - digiCD - (Spiritual grim Black Metal from coldest Russian soil, Murmansk)11euro
NAZARENE DECOMPOSING (GER) "Demonic Inquisition" - (Brutal nihilistic Black Metal)
NEASIT (POL) "Przedswit ..." - (Slavic Folk Black Metal with killer atmosphere)
NEBELWERFER (RUS) "The Spirit of Violation" - (Fast brutal Black Metal.Killer stuff from cold Russian landscapes!)
NEBULAH (SPA) "Dawn of Knowledge" - (Black Fucking Metal from Spain) 12euro
NECROBUTCHER (BRA) "Schizophrenic Noisy Torment" - (Raw brutal Grinding Death Metal. Both demos from 1989 on one CD with killer old pics, infos etc)
NECROMANCY (HEL) "Ancient Wrath" - (Hellish Thrash Death from Greece) 8euro
NECROMASS (ITA) "Abyss Calls Life" - (Second studio spell from 1996. Black Metal religion.A must!)
NECRONOMICON (GER) “Invictus” digiCD - (Legendary thrash metal from Germany) 12euro
NECROPHAGIA (USA) "Death is Fun" - (Need Gore, blood and fucked up Death sound? That's it!Greeeat!)
NECROPHAGIA (US) "Black Blood Vomitorium" - (Gore death metal legends) 
NECROPLASMA (SWE) "Gospels Of Antichristian Terror" - (Nihilistic raw black metal) 8euro
NECRORISER (UK) "Violent" - (Wild raw Thrash Metal with real balls!) 8euro
NECROVILE (ROM) "The Pungency of Carnage" - (Brutal Death Metal attack)
NEKRONOLOGY (USA) "Nekromantik Recordings Soundtrack" - (Sick and brutal Death Metal)
NEMESIS (SER) "The War Is On" - (All-girls death metal machine from Serbia) 
NEMESIS IRAE (BEL) "Eradikate Kampaign" - (Black Metal for radical fans of 90's Scandinavian sounds) 8euro
NEMESIS OCVLTA (MEX) “ The Complex “ - (strange, technical and weird Black Metal concept)
NEPTRECUS (FRA) "L'aube du declin" - (Epic atmospheric Black Metal tales) 8euro
NERODIA (ITA) "" digiCD - (Fast Blackened Death Thrash Metal with real hellish power!) 8euro
NEVALOTH (SLK) "La Diabolica Commedia" - (Atmospheric black metal) 8euro
NIGHTCHAINS (LEB) "Metal to the Bones" - (Oldway traditional Heavy Thrash Metal.666% brainshaking!!)
NIGHTBEARER (GER) "Stories From Beyond" - (Darkened death metal storm)
NIDRIKE (SWE) "Blodsarv" - (Fast blasting Black Metal.Brutal Swedish way!)
NIGHT ATTACK (USA) "The Initiation" - (Wild and sharp thrash metal strike) 9euro
NIGHT MUST FALL (FIN) "Dissonance of Thought" - (Torturous Funeral Doom with absolute no-escape atmosphere)
NIHASA (HEL) "Brahamanda Xul Grimoire" DigiCD - (Orthodox ancient Black Metal with amazing Greek spirit by members of: Acherontas, Stutthof, Acrimonious...)
NIHILIST / ENTOMBED (SWE) “Demo collection” - (CD fully filled with history of rotten Death Metal made in Sweden) 11euro
9th PLAGUE (SWE) "Apocatastasis Reversed" - (Oldschool nekro death metal) 11euro
NIRNAETH (FRA)" "Thrown Athwart The Darkness" - (Strong, aggressive Black Death Metal)
NOCTIFERIA (SLO) "Per Aspera" digiCD - (Cult Slovenian black industrial metal) 
NOCTIFERIA (SLO) "Slovenska Morbida" digiCD - (Cult Slovenian black industrial metal)
NOCTURNAL (POL) "Unholycraft - Blood For Glory Of Satan" - (Raw grim Black Metal from Poland) 9euro
NOCTURNAL BLOOD (USA) "Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration" - (Black Death brutality in old nekro way as gods of Blasphemy, Beherit, Morbosidad, Titanblood...)
NOCTURNAL BREED (NOR) "The Whiskey Tapes" - (Cult thrash blacking metal from hell) 12euro
NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION (FRA) "Suicidal Thoughts MMXI " - (Melancholic dark Black Metal) 9euro
NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION (FRA) "Reflections Of A Sad Soul " - (Another dose of depression and solitude. Just great!) 9euro
NOCTURNAL FEELINGS (COL) "Consecration of Evil Forces" - (Sharp, raw Black Metal with strong atmosphere) 9euro
NOCTURNAL VOMIT (HEL) "Divine profanation " - (Oldway nekro raw Death Metal torture)
NOKTURNE (USA) "Embracer Of Dark Ages" - (Pure aggressive devoted Black Metal since 1995) 8euro
NOMMAM ERYTZ (USA) "Nommam erytz" - (Ambien Satanic music with really sick atmosphere)
NOMANS LAND (RUS) "Last Son of the Fjord" - (Pagan Metal from Russian lands) 8euro
NOMANS LAND (RUS) "Farnord" - (Pagan Metal from Russian lands) 8euro
NOMINON (SWE) "Decaydes of Abomination" - (Pure Swedish raw death metal strike) 12euro
NORD (CAN) "Nord" - (Pagan atmospheric Metal)
NORDEN (POL) "Blood On The Sky…" digiCD - (pagan Viking inspired Folk Metal)
NORDMEN (HEL) "Vertus Guerrieres" – (Black Pagan Metal)
NORDOR (HEL) "Honoris Cause" - (Legendary Hellenic nekro occult Death Metal horde are back.Brutal stuff!!)
NORSKSVARTMETALL (NOR) "Norwegian black metal compilation" - (Great gathering of bands as: Taake, Urgehal, Forgotten Woods, Koldbrann, Krypt, Beastcraft, Lja...)
NORTH (POL) "Czekając Na Sztorm" - (Newest album!Strong Slavic Pagan hymns, 20-page booklet. Gold CD with graphic pressing)
NORYLSK (POL) "Political Pollution" - (Grind Core attack with full power and spirit!) 8euro
NOTORIUS (GER) "Rage And Fail" - (Traditional European Black Metal) 9euro
NOVAE MILITIAE (FRA) "Affliction Of The Divine" - (Religious French Black Metal grimness.Recommended!)
NRYY (JAP) "Life" - (Ambient noise with lot's of experimental influences.Doomy Japanese style!) 8euro
NUCLEAR VOMIT / F.A.M. / GRINDBASHERS "Radical Circus Team " - (3 way split, Grind Core madness from the deepest Polish undergrond! Hail Grind!) 8euro
NUCLEAR WAR NOW fest volume I - (All exclusive or rare tracks of NWN hordes.Death, Black, Nekro...Metal gathering!) 7euro
NUKLEAR GOAT (POR) "Genocidal Storm" - (Oldway raw Black Metal where Celtic Frost meets Dark Throne) 8euro
NUNSLAUGHTER / PAGANFIRE “Obscured Visions of Satanic Arson” - (Raw, nekro, dirty death metal double impact from Phillipines and USA) 8euro
NUNSLAUGHTER (USA) “Black” - (Masters of dirt in metal) 8euro  
OBLIVEON (CAN) "Cybervoid" - (Veterans of Canadian Death Thrash Metal. Brutal technical way!) 8euro           
OBLIVEON (CAN) "Carnivore Mothermouth" - (Veterans of Canadian Death Thrash Metal. Brutal technical way!) 8euro
OBLOMOV (CZE) "Communitas" digiCD - (New album, well played and arranged Avantgarde Black Metal!) 7euro
OBLOMOV (CZE) "Wishing the reneissance" - (Melodic Black Metal with lots of different variations) 7euro
OBSCURE (FRA) "Obscure" - (Depressive dark Black Metal grimness) 8euro
OBSCURO (SWE)"Where Obscurity Dwells" - (Traditional Swedish Raw Black Metal) 
OBSECRATION (HEL) "Into the bloodemonium" - (One of the pioneers of Oldschool Death Metal in Hellas with their brand new album!101% massacre since 1991!) 9euro
OBSIDIAN SEA (BUL) “Dreams, Illusions, Obsessions” - (Dark and grim Doom Metal) 9e
OBTENEBRIS (CAN) "Dust of Time" - (Melodic death metal) 8euro
OCCIDENS (CHI) "Glorification of the Antichrist" - (Violent, raw primitive Black Metal)
OCTAGON (USA) "Death Fetish" - (Sick Black masohistic Metal with old members of Gorgoroth, Obtained Enslavement...)
OCCULTAN (BRA) "Profanation" - (extreme Satanic bizarre Black Metal)
OCCULTUM (POL) “Apokatastasis” - (Raw and aggressive black metal) 9euro
ODAL (GER) "Zornes Heimat" - (Pagan Black Metal)
OFFRET (RU) "Зверь" DigiCD - (Dark, acoustic, ambient metal art with strong atmosphere) 10euro
OLDBLOOD (SLK) "Possessed By Metal From Hell" - (Raw, sharp Black Thrash Metal with evil Black 'n' Roll touch!) 8euro
OLD THRONE (BRA) "O Novo Mundo Pagão" - (Raw Black Metal attack) 8euro
OMEGA DIATRIBE (HUN) "Metanoia" digiCD - (Powerful groove metal) 9euro
OMENFILTH (PHI) ”Devourer of the Seven Moons” - (Oldway black metal strike) 8euro
ÖMHETEN (SWE) "Själv" - (Depressive Black Metal art)
ON HORNS IMPALED (GER) "Total World Domination" - (Violent nihilistic Black Metal) 8euro
ONE MASTER (USA) "The Quiet Eye of Eternity" - (Filthy Black Metal , old American way!) 8euro
ORCRIST (ITA) “Slaged Ved Trollheim” - (Italian Black Metal grimness!) 8euro
ORCRIST (ITA) - "The Return Of Armageddon" - (Cold grim black metal in traditional old way) 8euro
ORDOG (FIN) "Remorse" - (Sorrowfull dark Doom Metal from cold Finish lakes)
ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS (BLR) "Dysphory Pt. I" - (Grim depressive Black Metal with sick dark atmosphere!Real deal!) 8euro
ORGIA NUCLEAR (BRA) “Desgastado” - (Brasilian black thrashing metal)
ORNIAS (SWE) "Death Bringer" - (Straight Swedish Black Metal ala Craft madness!)
ORTHOSTAT (BRA) "Monolith Of Time" - (Brazilian death metal machine for fans of: Incantation, Autopsy, Broken Hope) 9euro
OSSIFIC (CAN) ".​.​.​as Roots Burn" DigiCD - (Atmospheric Black Metal) 9euro
OSTIUM (FRA) "In Nomine Mentis" - (Depressive black metal) 8euro
OVERSTEEL (MEX) "Sentinel Of The Void" - (Heavy thrash metal) 8euro
OV PLAGUES (USA) "Ashed" - (Raw nihilistic Black Metal) 8euro
OYABUN (FRA) "The Hiss" digiCD - (Stoner rock metal) 9euro
PACKAT (UKR) "Fires Of Another Reality" - (Brutal Thrash Death Metal)
PACT (USA) "The Dragon Lineage of Satan" - (Black Metal with strong occult touch and atmosphere) 8euro
PACTUM (MEX) "Sucubo MODL" DCD - (Collection of works by this Black Thrash soldiers since 1986.priceless piece of history!)
PADRE NUESTRO (MEX) "Quien es el" - (Oldway Heavy Metal attack for true devoted worshipers) 
PAGAN REIGN (RUS) "Spark of Glory and Revival of Ancient Greatness" - (Great Slavic Pagan Metal) 8euro
PAGAN REIGN (RUS) "Tverd" - (Great Slavic Pagan Metal) 8euro
PAGAN REIGN (RUS) "ANcient Fortress" - (Great Slavic Pagan Metal) 8euro
PAGAN REIGN (RUS) "Ancient Warriors" - (Great Slavic Pagan Metal) 8euro
PAGAN RITES (SWE) "Survival Of The Antichrist Nation" - (Absolute oldschool Swedish cult of bestial thrash black art!) 9euro
PAGAN RITES (SWE) "Pagan Metal-Roars of the Anti Christ" - (legends of oldschool Black Metal.Great!)
PAGAN SPIRIT (SLO) "The Laten Doctrine" - (Occult Atmospheric Black Metal)
PAGAN SPIRIT (SLO) "Hlasy vzyvajuce staru vieru" digiCD - (New opus, another dose of great obscure Black Metal spirit)
PAGANUS (FIN) "Paganus" - (High quality sick Funeral Doom Metal, for true devoted souls only!)
PANDEMONIUM (POL) "The Ancient Catatonia" - (Polish Black Death Metal legacy from 1994, nowadays on CD again!) 8euro
PANYCHIDA (CZE) "Woodland Journey" - (New release of this Black Pagan Metal band from Czech. new songs, cover versions, lot's of guests as Hoest of Taake etc etc...really nice collector's release) 8euro
PANYCHIDA (CZE) "Paganized"- (Killer Pagan Black Metal in great Czech tradition) 8euro
PARAGON ZERO (HU) "Omass" - (A perfect mixture od black and death spells) 9euro
PARIA (GER) "Vermin Race" - digiCD - (Brutal German Black Metal)
PATHETIC (CAN) "Rat King" - (Raw filthy oldway death metal) 9euro
PATHOGEN (PHI) "Forged in the Crucible of Death" - (Death Fucking Metal for real worshipers of the genre!) 8euro
PATRICIDE (POL) "Capitis..." DigiCD - (Oldway death metal)
PATRONYMICON (SWE) "Prime Omega" - (Pure Swedish Black Metal legacy.Great stuff!)
PENDULUM (FRA) "Les Fragments du Chaos" - (European Black Metal legacy with great atmosphere and spirit) 8euro
PENSEES NOCTURNES (FRA) "Grotesque" - (High quality Black Metal art ala old Limbonic Art, Arcturus..Very good!)
PENITENZIAGITE (SLO) "Humanity Galore" - (Black Death Metal) 9euro
PENTSIGN (RUS) "Cacophonous March of the Darkness" - (Brutal antireligious Black Death Metal)
PERGAMEN (CZE) “Psychopoetik” - (atmospheric Black Metal in wellknown Czech style)
PERVERSITY (SLO) "Beyond The Reach Of Heaven" - (Ultra brutal Death Metal)
PERUNWIT (POL)- “Wsyzstkie Odciene Szarosci” (Pagan Black Metal)
PERUNWIT (POL) "All Shades of Grey" - (Excelent Pagan Metal in the name of Slavic Gods!)
PESTICIDE / ACID SPEECH (BRA) "Corrosive Warfare" - (Two Brazilian thrashing machines on one CD) 9euro
PHANTOM CORPORATION (GER) "First Commandment" - (Raw death metal with crust influences) 9euro
PIERCE THORAX (HOL) "Machine Control Diagnostic Tool" - (Electronic, experimental, breakbeat, breakcore insanity) 8euro
PIGSKINNER (HEL) "High Life" - (Grinding death metal) 8euro
PIRAÑA (MEX) "Corruption"  - (Band marked as the best Mexican Thrash Metal Act!We agree!) 8euro
PISSBOILER (SWE) "Att Med Kniv Ta En Kristens Liv" DigiCD - (Dirty doom death creation) 9euro
PITIFUL REIGN (UK) "Visual Violence" - (Nothing but pure traditional first class British Thrash Speed Metal!)
POGROM (FRA) "Mort Au Peuple" – (Raw Black Metal)
POSSESSION RITUAL (GER) "Incense Of Opened Gates" - (Pure Black Metal art without compromise by Scorpious of Ancient, Crimson Moon, Demoncy...)
POWER FROM HELL (BRA) "The True Metal" - (Black thrash metal for devoted maniacs) 9euro
POWER FROM HELL (BRA) "Spellbondage" - (Black thrash metal for devoted maniacs) 
PRETEEN DEATHFUK (USA) "Submit To Him" - (Raw and sharp Black Metal with lots of dirty Crust Punk influences) 8euro
PRETEEN DEATHFUK (USA) "I Am Not Here" - (Raw and sharp Black Metal with lots of dirty Crust Punk influences) 8euro
PREVALENT RESISTANCE (FIN)“Eternal Return” - (Black Metal as it should be, grim, raw and brutal!)
PRIMAL/IUGULATUS/DEEP DESOLATION (POL) "Chapel Of Fear split" - (3 hordes on one CD crossing black/death/doom metal)
PRIME EVIL (USA) "Evilution" DigiCD - (Deathrash Metal with full power!)  9euro
PROFANATICA (USA) "Profanatitas De Domonatia" - (Perverse, bizarre, outstanding Black Metal darkness!)
PROFANE PRAYER (HEL) "Eye Of Sin" - (Nihilistic Black Punk Metal ala Impaled Nazarene masters) 8euro
PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM (SPA) "Pathogenesis"- (Cool grim Black Metal)
PROSANCTUS INFERI (USA) "Red Streams of Flesh" - (Black Doom Metal with lots of Darkness and Death around) 8euro
PURGATORY (GER) "Luciferianism" - (Strong occult Death Metal madness! High quality brutal art!) 8euro
PURGE (FRA) "Sordides Preludes to Purgatory" - (Death Metal darkness by members of Merrimack, Antaeus, Aosoth...) 
PYRAMIDO (SWE) "Salt" - (New album!Perfect mixture of Stoner Rock meets Sludge Doom Metal.Killer oldway!) 8euro
PYRAMIDO (SWE) "Sand" - (Perfect mixture of Stooner Rock - Doom Metal.Killer oldway!) 8euro
QRUJHUK (KOR) "Triumph Of The Glorious Blasphemy" - (Authentic evil Black Metal from South Korea)
QUO VADIS (POL) “Politics” - (Re-issue of this death thrash relic from 1993)
RAPTURE (HEL) "Total Madness Reigns" - (Oldway deathrash metal) 9euro
RAVEN (NOR) "The Murder Sessions" DigiCD - (Born in 1993, this never released before on CD recordings are a piece of history of True Norwegian Black Metal, involving Rune Vedda, one of the Forgotten Woods masterminds)
RAVENDUSK (POL) "Astroblack Advent" - (Oldway Melodic Black Metal like early Dimmu Borging golds) 8euro
RAVENSBLOOD (FRA) "From The Tumulus Depths" - (Black Metal with strong Pagan touch)
RAVNSVART (GER) "In Den Fängen Der Kälte" - (Traditional Black fucking Metal) 8euro
RAWCVLT (SLK) "Premonitions Of Horrible Things To Come" - (Raw black metal) 8euro
REACTORY (GER) "High on Radiation" - (Thrashing Punk Metal) 9euro
REDIMONI (SPA) "The Onset of Chaos" - (Antichristian Oldschol Thrash Metal attack. Killer!)
REDREOM / STYXIAN INDUSTRIES "Der Befehl Lautet: Toete / Manifestation" - (Raw nekro Black Metal from Germany meets insane Industrial Black Metal from Holland) 8euro
REMASCULATE (SWE) "Perversemonger" - (Strong Swedish Death Metal machine in the vein of almighty Dismember, Entombed crossed with brutal styles)
REPOSSESSION (POL) "Reign Over Inferno" - (Fucking Brutal grinding Death Metal)
REPTILIAN DEATH (IND) "The Dawn of Consummation and..." - (Top quality Technical Brutal Death Metal) 8euro
REQUISITIO SENSUS AETERNUM (RUS) "The only one is dead, who..." A5 packCD - (Dark Ambient, Drone & Dark Neo-Classic art)
RESUSCITATOR (USA) "Iniciation" - (Deadly traditional Black Metal)
R.E.T. (CZE) "Coming Soon…" - (Doom Dark Metal since 1989) 8euro
REVOLTING (SWE) "Dreadful Pleasures" - (Raw and strong Swedish death metal) 
REX SHACHATH (USA) "Sepulchral torment" - (Dark and grim Death Metal in early 90's touch) 8euro
RIGOR SARDONICUS (USA) "Principia Sardonica" - (slow, deep funeral Doom Metal)
ROTTEN COFFIN (POR) "Suffering, Chaos And Death" - (Raw death metal) 9euro
ROTTEN LIVER (FRA) "Purification by debauchery" - (Obscure, raw, grim Black Metal from damn Franch netherworld) 8euro
RUIN (RUS) "Stumps" - (101% Black Metal! Pounding , fisting and evil underground way!)
RULER (ITA) "Descent into Hades" - (Traditional heavy metal) 8euro
RUNENBLUT (GER) "Die Stimme des Blutes" - (Pagan Black Metal.Brutal stuff!)
RUNES ORDER (ITA) “The Art of Scare and Sorrow” – (Neo Dark Ambient. Great atmosphere!)
S / COLD DESPAIR (GER) "Winter...evig stirbt.." - ( Forgotten doomish Dark Ambient art)
SACRAMENTAL BLOOD / HEREICAL GUILT / BLASPHERERION (SER) "Triple Death Threat" - (Serbian Death Metal trinity on one brutal release. A must for all worshipers of almighty Death Metal path!) 8euro
SACRARIUM (FRA) "March to an Inviolable Death" - (Blasting Black Metal attack, fast and furious!)
SACRIFIZED (GER) "Arrival of the Tyrants" - (Filthy black thrash metal) 
SACRILEGIUM (POL) "Embrace of Darkness" - (Killer Polish Black Metal)
SAD (HEL) "Abandoned And Forgotten" - (New album.Dark path of true, classic, unpure black metal with pessimistic, gloomy lyrics and Hellenic oldway)
SADIZTIK IMPALER (SIN) "Sadizik Syonan to Sopremacy" - (insane Thrashing Black Metal.Argh!!)
SADOTANK (NL) "Black Thrash Assault" - (Oldway black thrash metal hammering) 8euro
SADO SATHANAS (GER) "Opus Diaboli" digiCD - (Black Metal in old German tradition.Very good!)
SALICIOUS GODS (HOL) “Piene” – (very good, traditional Black Metal)
SAMMATH (HOL) “Dodengang” – (Black Fucking Metal)
SANCTUS DAEMONEON (DEN)"The unaVOIDable" - (Suicidal deep and depressive Doom Black Metal.Killer!)
SANCTUS DAEMONEON (DEN)"Nothingless Nothingness" - (Amazing Dark Doom Black Metal with killer original ideas and spooky suicidal atmosphere) 8euro
SANCTUS DAEMONEON (DEN) "Grey Metropolis" - (Amazing depressive Dark Black Metal with members of Victimizer and Church Bizarre)
SANGRENA (BRA) "Hunter" - (Brazilian death metal madness) 8euro
SARCOMA INC (NOR) "Psychopathology" - (Blackened Thrash Metal by members of Limbonic Art, Zyklon...Real blast from Norwegian underground!) 8euro
SARGATANAS (MEX) "The Enlightenment" - (Raw and filthy nekro death black metal) 9euro
SARINVOMIT (TUR) "Baphopanzers Of The Demoniacal Brigade" digiCD - (Filthy raw Black Metal sodomy!) 9euro
SATANIKA (ITA) "Infection" DigiCD - (Bestial Thrash Metal with filthy Black touch. A must for fans of: Desaster, Nifelheim, Nocturnal Breed!)
SATANIKA (ITA) "Metal Possession" - (Grim, evil, sharp and dirty Thrash Black Metal.Old way baby!) 9euro
SATANIST (USA) "Sadomasochrist" - (Perverse, sick Black Metal with lots of samples, dark passages..666% provocative!)
SATARIAL (RUS) “Heidenlarm” – (Russian progressive Black Metal) 7euro
SATARIAL (RUS) “larm” – (Progressive Folk Black Metal) 7euro
SATOR MARTE (CZE) "Termonuklearni Evoluce" - (Aggressive militant Black Metal attack from Czech) 8euro
SATURNIAN MIST (FIN) "Repellings" - (Fast raw Black Metal with disturbing dark atmosphere)
SATURNIAN MIST / CREATURA (FIN) "s/t" - (United Finish Black Metal forces on one CD.Straight in the head!) 8euro
SAVAGE STREETS (CAN) "Filth / Rot / War / Attrition" - (Powerful death thrash metal) 9euro
SCHATTENSPIEL (GER) "Follow The White Rabbit" - (Oldway Dark Ambient with Neo Folk touch) 8euro
SCORCHED (SWE) "Forever Dying Sun" - (Brilliant Swedish Black Metal in killer second generation way) 8euro
SCUTUM CRUX (UK) "The Second Sun" - (Fast aggressive Black Death Metal bombing with killer album artworks) 8euro
SECLUSION (UK) "Skies Veiled In Black" - (Ambient Dark Black Metal with grim primitive atmosphere) 8euro
SECT (RUS) "WWIII" - (Occult sick Black Metal attack) 8euro
SEGES FINDERE (BRA) "Dessemitize" - (Aggressive, fast, brutal Black Death Metal, wicked Brazilian way!) 8euro
SEKHMET (CZE) "Pomsta pekelných legií" - (Raw Czech Black fucking Metal) 8euro
SEKHMET (CZE) "Okularis Infernum" - (Filthy Satanic raw Black Metal) 8euro
SEKTARISM (FRA) "Le Son des Stigmates" digiCD - (Nihilistic Funeral Doom Metal with deep and no escape atmosphere)
SEKTARISM (FRA) "L'Offrande" - (Cryptic Funeral Doom Black) 8euro
SEKTE (HOL) "Doodsrituelen" - (Ritual black noise ambiental obscurity) 8euro
SELBSTMORD (POL) "Dawn of a New Era" - (Nihilistic brutal Black Metal attack!) 8euro
SELBSTTOTUNG (GER) "Daseinsschmerz" - (Suicidal depressive Black Metal spells) 8euro
SEPTRION (MEX) "Nocturnal Grimness" - (Killer South American Black Death massacre) 8euro
SERCATI (BEL) "Tales of the Fallen" - (Darkened black metal) 8e
SERCATI (BEL) "The Rise of the Nightstalker" - (Darkened black metal) 8e
SEROTONAL (UK) "The Futility of Trying to Avoid the Unavoidable" - (Very original Doom Metal by Darren White ex Anathema, Cradle of Filth)
SERPENS (UKR) "The Cult" - (raw emotional Black Metal) 8euro
777 BABALON (SLK) "Dosebazostúpenie" - (Dark ambient insnity for devoted sick souls only) 8euro
SEVERNIE VRATA (RUS) "Volot" - (Strong Pagan Folk Metal from Russia)
SHACKLES (AUS) "Coup De Grace" - (Thrashing Death Metal in dirty OZ style) 8euro
SHADOWDREAM (SER) "De Sphaera Volvelle" - (Esoteric deep Dark Ambient Art!For dedicated isolated souls!) 8euro
SHADOWS GROUND (UKR) "In Eternal Coldness of the Night" - (Dirty Black Metal in Judas Iscariot way!) 8euro
SHADOW REBELS (ISR) "On The Ride" digiCD - (Progressive post-grunge metal rock) 9euro
SHINING / SRD "Shining / Srd" - (Split release of notorious Swedish Shining and gloomy Srd from Slovenia)
SHRAPNEL (POL) "Hecatomb" digiCD - (Aggressive merciless Black Metal) 8euro
SICK ROOM 7 (DEN) “Bottomfeeder Central” - (Ambient Doom Metal with scary sick atmosphere) 8euro
SICK ROOM 7 (DEN) "Hail Intolerance" - (sick, slow, suicidal Nekro Doom Metal) 8euro
SICULICIDIUM (ROM) "A Rothado Viragok Szinuket Vesztik" DigiCD - (Very unique Black Metal art for devoted souls)
SICULICIDIUM (ROM) "Utolso Vagta Az Univerzumban" - (Very unique Black Metal art for devoted souls) 8euro
SIEG (RUS) "Der Weg zum Polarstern / Sonnenkreuz" - (Very dark Ambient with strong ideological background and spirit) 8euro
SIEGHETNAR (GER) "Todessehnsucht" - (Depressive, slow, suicidal Black Metal) 8euro
SIEGHETNAR (GER) "Bewußtseinserweiterung" - (Grim Black Metal art with ambiental touch) 8euro
SIEGHETNAR (GER) "Kaltetod" - (Depressive Black Metal) 8euro
SIEGHETNAR (GER) "Die Asche Eines Geistes" digiCD - (Cold Black Metal with ambiental touch) 9euro
SIG:AR:TYR (CAN) "Sailing the Seas of Fate" - (Cold Dark Ambient music with gorgeous acoustic passages) 8euro
SILENT KINGDOM (BiH) "Where Secrets Meet" - (Progressive black metal)
SILENT KINGDOM (BiH) "Path to Oblivion" - (Fourth full length album of this progressive Black Metal band from Sarajevo.Special guests from Dark Fortress, Root..) 7euro
SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY (CZE) "Apotheosis & ...Amber Sea" Digipack CD - (First 2 demos now available on CD. Czech Pagan Doom Metal) 9euro
SILVA NIGRA (CZE) "The New Era for the New God" - (Newest studio spell! Blasting brutal Czech Black Metal! Killer come back on the scene!) 8euro
SIGN OF KATU MARUS (SPA) " nostro omnium fletu" - (grotesque raw Black Metal) 8euro
SINIESTRA (COL) “Demonakarma” - (Aggressive black metal, Colombian way)
SIRS (POL) "Existential nihilism" - (Nihilistic deep dark ambient) 8euro
SIXPOUNDER (MEX) "Deathbringer"  - (Thrash Metal with many variations and modern touch) 8euro
SJAELEKVAL (DEN) "Dødsfærd" - (Traditional black metal) 8euro
SKALD (SWE) "Vitterland" - (Pagan Folk Metal with lot's of various influences.Very original and serious approach!) 8euro
SKELETAL THRONE (MEX) "Human Deterioration" - (Brutal thrashing death metal)
SKIN INFECTION (SWE) "Retribution" - (Strong melodic Black Metal like Naglfar.More then recommended!) 8euro
SKJOLD (DEN) "Thirteen Years Hell" digiCD - (Old nekro Black Metal from Denmark recorded back in 1996.Raw and dirty, pure old Mayhem spirit!)
SKOLL / URUK HAI  (ITA/UKR) “Through The Mountains Mist They Came” - digiCD - (Cult ambient Black Metal) 9euro
SLAGMAUR (NOR) "Domfeldt" - digiCD - (Black Horror Metall with strong suicidal doomish atmosphere.Brutal!) 8euro
SLAUGHTBBATH (CHI) "Alchemical Warfare" - (Sharp and straight in the head black metal)
SLAUGHTBBATH (CHI) "Hail To Fire" - (Sharp and straight in the head black metal) 9euro
SLAVIA (RUS) "Song of Freedom" - (Melodic Pagan Black Metal with honorable Slavic heritage and spirit) 9euro
SLEPAYA ELAN (RUS) "Neizbezhnost" - (Industrial Dark Ambient) 8euro
SOCIOPAT/TIRAN (RUS) "Social TyrannY" - (Split Thrash unity) 8euro
SOLSTICE (USA) "To Dust" - (Legendary Deathrash masters and their latest studio attack. A must!)
SOLUS (GER) "Solus" - (Ambiental Black Metal) 8euro
SONNEILLON (POL) "Polymorphous" - (High quality Symphonic Black Metal.For fans of early Arcturus, Cradle of Filth..) 7euro
SORES (HEL) "Sores" - (Raw depressive underground black metal) 9euro
SORGELDOM (SWE) "Innerlig Förmörkelse" - (Slow depressive Black Metal with lots of ambient.Very original and progressive)
SORGELIG (HEL) "Devoted To Nothingness" - (Nihilistic raw primitive black metal) 9euro
SORGSVART (NOR) "Fortapt fra Verden i vakk…" - (Strong mixture of Black Folk Metal hailing from cold Norwegian landscapes) 9euro
SOUL DEVOUR (SIN) "Apocalyptic Anti-Human Annihilation" - (Oldschool merciless Death Metal hammering) 8euro
SPETALSK (SWE) "Spetälsk" - (Very fast blasting Black Metal)
SPETALSK (SWE) "Perverted Commandment" - (Black Metal )
SPINA BIFIDA (HOL) "Iter" - (Doom Death Metal) 9euro
SPIRITS WAY (POL) "Devoid of Morality" - (101% true Death Metal attack) 9euro
SPIRITUAL DECAY (USA) "Closer to the Grave" - (brutal, sick gorish Death Metal) 8euro
SPÜOLUS (HU) "The Final Conclusion" - (Atmospheric black doom metal) 8euro
SRD (SLO) "Ognja Prerok" digiCD - (Dark and grim black metal) 11euro
SRODEK (SWE) "Forfall" - (Swedish Black Metal with lots of influences. More then recommended for fans of Lifelover, Lik...)
STERBENZEIT (ITA) "L'oltrenotte" - (Grim Black Metal with lot's of slow depressive parts) 8euro
STIELAS STORHETT (RUS) "SKD" - (Brutally emotional Black Metal in cold Murmansk tradition.Lot's of post rock influences!) 8euro
STIGMATA (POL) "Omega" - (Grim black metal) 8euro
STILLHET (NOR) "Gjemt I Skyggene"- (melancholic Black Metal)
STORMHEIT (FIN) "Caelic Weold Finnum" - (8 songs and 50 minutes of Epic Pagan Metal influenced by Bathory, Morrigan, Graveland) 8euro
STORM LEGION (POR) "The Eye of The Prophet" - (Antihuman Black Metal War!)
STORMING STEELS/HELLWITCH (MAL/USA) "The Twin Bestial Forces" - (Double Thrashing impact.Bestial Thrash pounding Metal!)
STORMING STEEL/REVENGE/DUNKELL REITER/OMISSION "Unholy Thrashing Savage" - (4 way maniacal conspiracy!Total Thrash Metal screams from from Malaysia, Brazil, Spain and Hellas.Real delicatesse for true Thrashers!)
STORMNATT (AUS) "Funeral Apocalypse" - (Grim raw Black Metal)
STORMRIDER (SWE) “Lucifer rising” – (Fucking brilliant christcrushing Death Metal! No compromise!) 8euro
STOZHAR (RUS) "No Retreat" - (Pagan Folk Metal deeply influenced by Slavic heritage) 8euro
STRANGER (CRO) "Self-imposed Excile" - (Oldschool Grindcore / Deathmetal) 8euro
STRANGULATION (SPA) "Strangulation" digiCD - (Funeral drone darkness for devoted sick souls only) 9euro
STRIBORG/VARDAN (AUS/ITA) "Split" - (Authentic Striborg coldness and new raw strike of Vardan on this limited split album)
STRIBORG (AUS) “Mysterious Semblance” – (primitive , raw and obscure Black Metal like old Burzum)
STYGGELSE (SWE) "Heir Today" - Gods Tomorrow" - (High quality Black Metal from Sweden.Highly recommended!)
STRYNN (FRA) "Decadence" - (Raw sharp Black Metal art) 8euro
SUBLIMINAL CRUSHER (ITA) "Endvolution" - (Very good atmospheric Death Thrash, like if you mix old Sentenced, Amorphis, At The Gates...)
SUBREALITY (GER) "Endless Horizons" - (Melodic Black Metal with strong Doom touch)
SUICIDE FOREST (US) "Indifference" - (Atmospheric black metal) 8euro
SUICIDE SOLUTION (GER) "To welcome death, by heart and soul" - (Atmospheric suicidal Black Metal)
SUICIDAL ANOREXIA (MEX) "MHIIMB|MSBFAR"  DVD case - (Suicidal obscure Black Metal grimness. A5 DVD package) 8euro
SUICIDAL ANOREXIA (MEX) "MHIIMB|MSBFAR" - (Suicidal obscure Black Metal grimness.Regular CD package) 8euro
SUICIDAL VORTEX (GER) "My Existence: A Series Of Thoughts Amidst Infinitive Darkness" - (Sick suicidal Black Metal art)
SULFERON (HEL) "Thanatos" - (Direct occult raw black metal spitting) 8euro
SUMERIA (USA) "All Paths Lead To Insanity" - (fast aggressive Raw Black Metal with strong occult touc)
SUPREME CONCEPTION (CZE) "Liturgy Of Spiritual Disturbance" - (Traditional Czech brutal Death Metal madness)
SURPUISSANCE (FRA) "Devastation" - (Traditional heavy metal) 9euro
SVAFNIR (GER) "The Heathen Chapters" - (Atmospheric Pagan Metal!Killer)
SVARTFELL (FRA) "Apocryphe Apocalypse" - (Raw underground Black Metal with primitive Pagan touch) 8euro
SVARTGREN (SER) "Prazan grob" - (Raw Serbian Black Metal) 7euro
SVARTI LOGHIN (SWE) "Empty World" DigiCD - (Depressive Black Metal with strong atmosphere and feeling. Amazing dark and grim creation!) 12euro
SVARTSKOGG (NOR) "Helvete 666" – (Traditional Norwegian Black Metal opus)
SYLVAN REALM (USA) "The Lodge of Transcendence" - (Old traditional Black Metal in ancient Greek way ala Rotting Christ, Necromantia..)
SYMBIOSIS (ITA) "Slavine" - (Cold dark Ambient art.Desolation, depression, isolation...)
SYTRY (ITA) "Hunger of Cold Nights" - (Traditional oldway Black Metal)
TAAKE/SIGH/THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL/THUS DEFILED/EVO ALGY "Swine of Hadez" - (Brutal 5 way split!Taake covering GG Allin)
TAAKEFERD (NOR) digiCD "Når Sirkelen Brytes" - (90's atmospheric Black Metal with the best native legacy) 
TATTERED SOUL (GER) "Die Zerstörung des menschlichen Seins" - (German style Black Metal) 8euro
TATIR (HELL) "Cave of the infernal fields" - (Another jewel from old days of Hellenic scene.Black Metal by members of Thou Art Lord, Necromantia, Naer mataron...Old honorable spirit!)
TAATSI  (FIN) “Olden Folk” - (Cold Ambiental Black Metal) 9euro
TAURUS (BRA) "Fissura"  - (Thrash metal kult from Brazil and their latest studio album. Thrashing since 1985!) 8euro
T.C.F. (HOL) "Where Madness Reigns" - (Thrash Metal with lots of Crossover and oldschool Hard Core strikes!) 8euro
TELOCH (FIN) "Morbid Prayer" - (Grim Black Metal in well-known Finish way like Horna, Sargeist..)
TEOFOBIA (CHI) "La venganza de las bestias" - (Brutal Thrash Death attack) 8euro
TERATISM (USA) "Pure Unadulterated Hate" - (Amazing spiritual Black Metal horde.Simply a must for all true dedicated maniacs!)
TERDOR (HOL) "Axis Panzerzug Anno November 1942 " - (Underground Black Metal strike)
TERMINALIS (DEN) "Abandon all Liberties" - (Amazing mixture of old and new metal styles all packed in powerful energy) 9euro
TERRORAMA (SWE) "Horrid Efface" - (Brutal Swedish Thrash Death Metal)
THANATOSCHIZO (POR) "Schizo Level" digiCD - (Very original atmospheric Doom Death Metal) 8euro
THE BLACK DEATH (AUS) “The Black Death” – (raw as hell and primitive totalitarian Black Metal)
THE CHASM (MEX) "Awaiting the day of Liberation" - (First cult demo from 1993 finally on pro-done CD again) 15euro
THE CHOSEN (HOL) "For the Glory of the Empire" - (Raw Aryan, patriotic Black Metal)
THE DAMNATION (GER) “Evilution" - (Traditional German Death Metal with killer production)
THE FALLEN PROPHETS (SA) "No End In Sight" - (Dethcore death metal) 8euro
THE FROST (CRO) "... of the Forests unknown" - (Raw filth Black Metal in old 90's way) 6euro
THE FUROR (OZ) "Double Armageddon" - (Death black metal) 9euro
THE FURY I HIDE (MEX) "Innerkiller" - (Thrash Metal bestiality. Thrash them all in wild Mexican way!) 8euro
THE HAUNTED (SWE) "The Haunted Made Me Do It" CD + DVD - (Classic The Haunted gold + exclusive DVD with live shows, footage...For true fans!) 13euro
THE HORN (OZ) "Volume 10" - (Industrial Black Metal madness for real maniacs only!Strongly inspired by Egyptian spells) 8euro
THE LAST SEED (GER) "Revenant" - (Darkish black metal) 9euro
THE LAST SEED (GER) - "Hellboy" - (Dark black metal in best European tradition of the genre) 8euro
THE LIGHT OF THE DARK / THRONEUM (MEX/POL)- split CD (Brutal Death / Oldschool Thrash Death)
THE LURKING CORPSE (USA) "Lust for Blood" – (morbid extreme Death weird Metal)
THE KRUSHERS (ITA) “Omonimo” – (kult Italian merciless Thrash Metal. Aaaaarrrggghh!!)
THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL (UK) "The Excommunication Of Christ" - (Newest studio albu of these old defenders of UK Black Metal) 9euro
THE SHADOW ORDER (HEL) "Untold" - (Hellenic Pagan Black Metal)
THE THORN (POL) "Hermitage of Non-Divine" - (Well played melodic Death Metal.Delux Cd package with card-box + pin)
THE TRUE ENDLESS (ITA) "Buried By Time And Dust" - (Great traditional raw Black Metal art!)
THE UGLY (SWE) digiCD "Slaves to the decay" – (Top class Swedish Black Metal ala old Dark Funeral, Setherial..) 11euro
THE WOLVES OF AVALON (UK) "Boudicca's Last Stand" - (New attack of traditional Pagan Metal horde) 9euro
THE WOLVES OF AVALON (UK) "Carrion Crows over Camlan" - (Strong Pagan Metal art) 8euro
THEORIA ‎(SYR) "Mantra" - (Atmospheric Black Metal, with some electronic passages) 9euro
THERMAL PULSE (NOR) "Cult of Enchanted Rage" - (Perfectly balanced Black Death strike!)
THRASHGRINDER (FIN) "Seeds of Revolution" - (Thrashing Crossover Metal for all lovers of 80s sound and spirit!) 8euro
THORNS OF GRIEF (POL) "Anthems To My Remains" - (Dark funeral doom) 9euro
THOR'S HAMMER (POL) "May the Hammer smash the Cross" - (Atmospheric Black Metal by legendary Capricornus from Graveland)
THOTH (POL) "Zamglenie" - (Depressive Black Metal)
THRONEUM (POL) "Organic Death Temple MMXVI" - (Raw and filthy death metal madness) 
THRONEUM (POL) "The Tight Deathrope Act Over Rubicon" - (Raw and filthy death metal madness) 
THROWN (SWE) - "The Suicidal Kings Occult" - (Doom heavy metal with perfect black touch) 8euro
THRESHOLD END (COL) "In The Jaws Of Curse" - (South American Death Metal madness) 9euro
THUNDERKRAFT (UKR) "The Banners of Victory" - (unique Pagan Black Death Metal)
THY FUNERAL (HU) "The End of Life" digiCD - (Traditional black metal)
THY RITES (BRA) "Inferno Coronation" - (Old nekro Black Death spells for fans of almighty Sarcofago)
TODTGELICHTER (Ger) “Schemen” – (Ultra quality , depressive dark Black Metal)
TONY TEARS (ITA) "Fears And Sensations In The Claustophobic Mirror" - (limited CDr release for true Doom freaks) 8euro 
TOPOGRAFIA (POL)"Genius Loci" digiCD - (Deep drones, acoustic instruments and field recordings gathered in one amazing ambiental album.) 11euro
TORMENT (ITA) "Scars Remain" CDr - (Thrash Metal attack for worshipers of Possessed, Destruction etc) 6euro
TORMENTRESS (SIN) "Operation Torment" - (Raw Thrash Speed Metal by all female band from Singapore. Yeah!)
TORT (SPA) "Void Addiction" - (A very strong sludge metal) 9euro
TORT (SPA) "Tort" - (Unique mix of old school Doom, Sludge and Thrash. A primitive atmospheric trance of 40 minutes.)
TORTHARY (CZE) "Round table of Suicide" digiCD - (Oldschool Brutal Death Metal)
TORTURERAMA (BEL) “Close encounters of the Morbid Kind” - (Swedish style Death Metal hammering) 9euro
TOTAL DENIAL (HUN) "Whose Bloodstained Hands Bear the Torch" - (Traditional 90's underground black metal) 9euro
TOTAL HATE (GER) "Lifecrusher - Contributions To A World In Ruins" - (Raw grim Black fucking Metal) 11euro
TOTAL HATE (GER) "Necare Humanum Est" - (German haters and their newest studio strike.Traditional German Black Metal!)
TRAMA AFONA (ITA)"Trama afonA" - digiCD - (High quality powerful audio art!Cinematic Dark Ambient)
TRAUMATIC VOYAGE (GER) "Khiaoscuro" - (Strange experimental Black Metal in Limbonic Art way...)
TRANCELIKE VOID (BEL) "Destroying Something Beautiful" - (Grim obscure Black Metal)
TRAUER (GER) - "A Walk Into The Twilight" - (Atmospheric black metal) 8euro
TREBLINKA (SWE) “Severe Abobination” - (Early Tiamat era and their darkest Death Metal demos and EP's) 15euro
TROLLECH (CZE) "Skryti v mlze" - (new album of this unique Slavic horde. Pagan Trollish Black Metal)
TROLLECH (CZE) "Jasmuz" - (New album ! Welknown forest pagan Black Metal of Trollech horde)
TROLLECH (CZE) "De hvozdec & Synove lesu" - (Two old Trollech strikes now on one CD with new artworks etc..)
TROU NOIR (FRA/RUS) Echoes In Black Holes - (Atmospheric Black Metal with torturing grim ambient) 8euro
TUNDRA (ITA) "Ansia" - (grim and raw Black Metal)
TUNDRA (ITA) “In Cold Dimness” – (primitive and sharp UG Black Metal)
TUNDRA (ITA) "Primordial" - (new album and new dose of raw, primitive, grim Black Metal art!)
TUNES OF DESPAIR (FIN) "The Process Of Leaving" - (Cold freezing down tempo Black Metal from Finland)
TYPHOID (SLO) "Disfigured By Blind Faith" - (For all fans of old brutal Death Metal styles)
TYPHUS (USA) "Grand Molesters of the Holy Trinity" - (Finally, masters of sacrilege are back with new studio album!A must!)
TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA (HU) "Hons int he Dark" - (Brutal and dark oldway Death Metal domination. Killer!) 9euo
TYRANNY (GER) "In Times of Tyranny" - (A perfect mixture of Black and Death Metal.Old and forgotten way!)
TYRUS (OZ) "Rats Will Have Their Feast" - (Cult horde, first band of Peter Hobbs from Hobb's Angel Of Death.Brutal devastating Thrash Metal attack from 1984!) 8euro
UDUMBAL (BLR) "Ahi Budhnya" - (Ambient Black Metal journey)
UHRIRISTI (FIN) "Maailma Palaa" - (Direct, no-compromise Black Metal from Finland!) 8euro
ULVDALIR (RUS) "Sacral Chalice Of Foundations" - (Cold and grim black metal) 9euro
ULVHEDIN (NOR) "Pagan Manifest" - (Traditional Viking Black Metal from Norway) 8euro
ULVHEDNER (NOR) "For I Tida" - (Black Metal with strong Folk touch.For fans of traditional Norwegian sound)
UMBRTKA (CZE) "Kovovy haj" - (Atmospheric weird Black Metal by members of Trollech) 8euro
UNCREATION’S DAWN (FIN) “Death’s Tyranny” – (raw primitive satanic Death Metal)
UNFIT ASSOCIATION (HUN) "Absurd Reality/Flagging Water" - (Two old demos from 91/21 now finally on the CD release.Old powerful Death Metal attack) 8euro
UNHOLY ARCHANGEL (HEL) "Obsessed by war" - (Primitive raw Black Death metal kult from Hellas.First studio album since 1996!)
UNHOLY CRUCIFIX (NOR) "Ordo Servorum Satanae" - (Grim raw Black Metal obscurity) 8euro
UNHOLY KILL (CZE) "Znameni hori" - (Traditional Czech Raw Black Metal! Straight in the head!)
UPPERCUT (GER) "Reanimation of Hate" - (Thrash Death crossover with full power and amazing brutal female vocal!) 7euro
URGE/IR (CZE/POL) - (Urge-traditional East European Black Metal by Azazel of Inferno horde!) 7euro
URUK HAI (UKR) “Elbenglanz” - (Cult ambeintal Black Metal)
URUK HAI (OST) " Lost Songs From Middle Earth" - (Tolkien inspired Dark Ambient from Austria to take you on a journey to forgotten worlds...) 8euro
URUK HAI (AUT) "...And All The Magic And Might He Brought..." - (Ambent sounds strongly inspired by Tolkien) 8euro
USURPER (USA)"Threshold of the Usurper" - (Legendary Thrash Death horde from old American scene)
UTMARKEN (SWE) "Utmarken" - (Scandinavian Folk Metal legacy inspired by nature and Nordic herritage) 9euro
VAE VICTIS (GER) "Black Fucking Thrash Metal" - (Thrashing Black Metal in the vain of almighty Desaster, Destroyer666 ...)
V.A.R. (CZE) "Závislost" - (Legendary Czech Thrash Metal machine) 8euro
VARATHRON / BLACK ALTAR / THORNSPAWN “Emissaries of the Darkened Call” - (3 way split. Pure Black Metal hammering, old fucking way! 8e)
VARGSANG (GER) "Call of the Nightwolves" - (Apocalyptic Black Metal Art!)
VARULV (AUT) "Hellish Presence" - (Dirty Black Metal with 90s atmosphere and spirit ala Ancient) 8euro
VARYAG (RUS) “Memory” - (Strong Pagan Doom Metal)
VASTATOR (CHI) "Hell Only Knows" - (Speed Thrash Metal, sharp, fast and raw!) 8euro
VAZAL (HOL) “The Age of Chaos” – (Misanthropic Warlike Black Metal)
VELM (HU) "Orkan" - (Atmospheric Black Metal in gloomy European tradition) 9euro
VERGE (FIN) "The Rest the Last Time In Our Filth" - (Grim Black Metal art!Killer!)
VERMETH (FRA)"Suicide of be Killed !" - (Oldway occult Black Metal with great traditional sound)
VERMIS MYSTERIIS (UKR) "The Flame of Hate" - (Dark occult Black Metal with killer atmosphere)
VEMOTH (SWE) "The Upcoming End" – (Killer Black Metal art, 666% Swedish way like old Marduk..) 11euro
VERIVALA (FIN) “Kalliolle Kukkulalle” - (Brilliant Black Metal from Finland like old Horna masterpieces!)
VEÉR (HU) "27" - (Traditional Black Metal hammering. For fans of Khold, Craft, Dodheimsgad..) 9euro
VICTIMIZER(DEN) "The Final Assault" – (Insane Thrashing Black Metal madness!Great!)
VICTIMIZER(DEN) "Rapid Thrashing Violence" – (Another awesome release of these maniacal Danish brutal freaks )
VICTIMIZER (DEN) "Unholy Banners Of Victimizer" - (another great strike.Nekro Thrashing Black Metal)
VIETAH (BLR) "Tajemstvy Noczy" - (Cold atmospheric Black Metal) 9euro
VILE DISGUST (HU) "Weirdo Dildo" - (Grinding death metal hammering) 8euro
VINTERRIKET (GER) "Eiszwielicht" digiCD - (Cult Ambiental Black Metal) 9euro
VINTERRIKET (GER) "Gardarsholmur" - (Cult Ambiental Black Metal) 8euro
VINTERRIKET (GER) “2001 – 2004” - (Well known ambient Black Metal creation and collection of singles and unreleased songs) 8euro
VINTERRIKET (GER) "Landschaften ewiger Einsamkeit" - (Another dose of spiritual and possessed ambient Black art)
VIOLENT ATTACK (PRG) "Violent Attack" - (filthy speed Thrash Metal) 8euro
VIOLENCE (OZ) "Motordemon" - (One-man speedi black ala Midnight insanity) 8euro
VIOLENTOR (ITA) "Rot" - (Raw sharp Thrash Speed Metal with dirty Rock influences) 8euro
VIRGIN SIN (SWE) "Brotherhood of Freaks" - (Swedish Thrash Metal attack!) 8euro
VOICES FROM VALHALLA "Tribute to Bathory" DCD - (Featuring mostly unreleased Bathory covers recorded exclusively or this release.Also includes a 20 minute unreleased audio interview with
Quorthon in 1996.Full list of bands: 
VOLITION (UK) "Volition" - (Slow dark Sludge/Doom Metal art)
VOMIT CHURCH (HEL) "Offers to the Sado-God" - (Sharp brutal Satanic Black Metal in killer Hellenic way!)
VOMITOR (AUS) "Devils Poison" - (Aggressive, raw Death Thrash Metal war!) 
VON GOAT (USA) "Septic illumination" - (Mastermind VON and his obscure sick Black Metal art.Brutal!) 12euro
VORDR (FIN) “II” - (Pure Finish Black Metal.Perfect!)
VORDR (FIN) “III” - (Pure Finish Black Metal.Perfect!)
VORDR (FIN) “Vordr” - (Pure Finish Black Metal.Perfect!)
VOWELS (ITA) "Hooves, Leaves And The Death/ As December Nightingales" - (Atmospheric Black Metal with deep dark atmosphere) 8euro
VRANI VOLOSA (BUL) "Her" digiCD - (Quality strong Pagan Metal) 8euro
VREDEHAMMER (NOR) "Pans Skygge" - (Strong Norwegian Black Metal by member of Elite, Allfader)
VULCAN TYRANT (HOL) "Vulcanic Collection" - (Blackthrash speed metal madness) 8euro
VUOHIVASARA (FIN) "The Sigil" - (Traditional Scandinavian Evil Black Metal )
WACHT / DUNKELHEIT (SWI/HUN) "Split" - (Two Black Metal hordes on one CD) 8euro
WAR PESTILENCE (ARG) "Godsfuck Black Attack" - (Raw perverse nihilistic Black fucking Metal!Insane way!)
WARAGE (FRA) "Black Metal War" - (Any comment needed?? No, totalitarian Black Metal!)
WARHAMMER (GER) "The Winter of our Discontent" - (Very first studio album of these German Thrash Doom Blackers finally on CD again)
WARFIST/EXHALATION/MESMERIZED (POL) "Satanic and Violent Metal Aggression" - (Strike of three Polish armadas, Thrash, Black, Death!)
WARGOATCULT (SPA) "Pentaprolokhaos" - (Newest studio desecration, Brutal nekro Black Metal hammering ala Blasphemy!)
WARLUST (USA) "Trench War"- (Oldschool, aggressive Death Metal
WARRIOR (SWE) "Instruments of Death" - (Grim sharp black metal strike from Swedish underground)
WARPATH/VUOHIVASARA (MEX/FIN) "Thorns.Pest.Blood" – (Two quality Black Metal hordes on one CD)
WE WORSHIP DESASTER "Tribute to Desaster" DCD - (A tribute album to almighty German Metal tyrants, paid by 31 hordes from all around the globe. Double CD, 20 pages booklet, strictly limited to 1000 copies!
WHIRLING (SWE) "Faceless Phenomena" - digiCD - (Very good and original Avantgarde Dark Black Metal.666% artistic and spiritual stuff!) 11euro
WHIPSTRIKER (BR) "Seven Inches Of Hell" - (Raw filthy speed heavy metal) 9euro
WHIPSTRIKER / HATE THEM ALL "Strike of Hate" - (Split album by these raw hordes from Brazil and Poland)
WHISPERING WOODS (RO) "Perditus et Dea" - (Sympho Dark Metal) 8euro
WILKOLAK (POL) "Serenada Dzieci Nocy" - (Pagan Black Metal)
WINDS OF MALICE (USA) "Snakes Shall Breed Under The Ruins" - (Primitive dark Black Metal)
WINTERBLOOD (ITA) "Le fredde ali del inverno" - (Sombre Dark Ambient.Oldway from the beginning of 90s)
WINTERBLUT (GER) "Monotot" - (Notorious grim and sick black metal) 9euro
WINTERBLUT (GER) - "Seid Furchtbar Und Zerstöret Euch!" - (Newest Winterblut strike, disturbing and devoted black metal art to the fucking core!) 8euro
WINTERBLUT (GER) "Grund Gelenkkunst" DCD - (Outstanding unique Winterblut's Black Metal art.Double CD with original recording + re-recordings of the whole album done in 2011 containing an unreleased song from this time)
WINTERBLUT (GER) "Das Aas aller Dinge" - (Authentic Black Metal art.Amazing atmosphere and black box package.Unique 666%)
WINTERBLUT (GER) "Teufelseintreibung" - (Latest studio album, disturbing depressive Black Metal attack!)
WINTERFRONT (CRO) "Northwinds" - (Raw Black Metal) 8euro
WISHMASTER (POL) "Hunting the Man" - (Cool melodic Black Metal with lots of oldway Heavy influences)
WITCHBURNER (GER) "Final Detonation" - (101% True Thrash Metal madness!) 12euro
WITCHCRAFT (HUN) "Hegyek felettem" - (Old goats of Hungarian Black Metal scene with their brand new album.Strong traditional European Black Metal!)
WITCHCURSE (HEL) "Heavy Metal Poison" - (True raw Heavy Metal spirit. Awesome!)  9euro
WITCHFIRE (SPA) "Legends, Rites And Witchcraft" - (Oldschool Heavy Metal for fans of Angel Witch, Saxon, Judas Priest...)  9euro
WITCHGÖAT (ELS) “Egregors of the Black Faith” - (Black thrash death metal hammering)
WITCHPRAYER (RUS) "Devil Worship Prayers" - (Black Metal to the bone dark, grim and obscure) 8euro
WITCHTIGER (FIN) "Warlords of Destruction digiCD - (Oldway doom heavy metal) 
WITHERIA (FIN) "Vanishing Order" - (Highclass Thrash Metal hammering in old honorable way!)
WITHERSHIN (SWE) "The Hungering Void" - (Fist full of Swedish Black Metal spirit. Very good!) 8euro
WITHERSHIN (SWE) "Ashen Banners" - (Fist full of Swedish Black Metal spirit. Very good!) 8euro
WOODS OF DESOLATION (OZ) "The Darkest Days" digiDCD - (A compilation of old demos, split albums, and unreleased tracks. Comes in a double digisleeve CD) 12euro
WOODS OF INFINITY (SWE) "Förlat" - (Sick perverted Black Metal madness.New album packed in 20 pages booklet)
WOODS OF INFINITY (SWE) "Ljuset" - (grim, orthodox gravish Black Metal)
WOJNAR (POL) "Epos o Woju z Krainy..." - (Beautiful Pagan hymns with great Slavic spirit)
WOJNAR (POL) "When the Spirit of War Rise Above Me" - (new epic ambient tales of Slavic Pagan Glory!)
WOLFSHEAD (FIN) "Caput Lupinum" - (Dark oldway Heavy Doom Metal) 9euro
WOLFSRUNE (GER) "Sceams of the Forgotten" - (Hateful German Black Metal) 8euro
WOLFTRIBE (POL) "Pure Odium" - (High speed brutal Black Metal) 8euro
WOLVES OF AHPUCH (MEX) "La ascensión del Pukuj" - (Traditional black metal) 9euro
WOORMS (USA) "Slake" - (Sludge metal) 8euro
WOTANORDEN (USA) "The Hands of Fate" - (Brand new studio album!Killer piece of Heathen Epic Black Metal!A must!) 8euro
WRAITH (USA) "Shadows" - (Dark melancholic Black Metal) 8euro
WRAITH OF THE ROPES (USA) "Ada" - (Scary Horror Doom Metal.Real thing!) 8euro
WRONG (SPA) “Memories of Sorrow” - (Traditional Black Metal) 8euro
WURM (CAN) "Insomnies" - (Depressive ambient Black Metal) 8euro
WURMLOCH (SER) "The Goaming Tide" - (Funeral doom grimness) 9euro
XALPEN (CHI) "Wowk Otrr"- (Traditional black metal)
XALPEN (CHI) “Sawken Xo'on” - (Traditional black metal)
XANTOTOL (POL) "Liber Diabolus: 1991-1996" - (Collection of greatest hymns by this old goats from Polish Black Metal scene since 1991!) 15euro
XIPE TOTEC (MEX) "Miquian" - (Raw death metal in wild Mexican style) 8euro
YATTERING (POL) "Genocide" - (Brutal and technical Death Metal from Poland) 8euro
YSENGRIN (FRA) "Tragedie - Liber Hermetis" - (Hermetic Dark Doom Metal with obscure Black metal touch) 8euro
YVONXHE (JAP) "Multicolored Libricide" - (Obscure Black Metal in crazy Japanese way) 8euro
ZEBERGES (FRA) "Dirty Rotten Killers" - (Crazy Thrash Metal from France) 8euro
ZELFHAAT (HOL) "Smarten van een Ontwijde Ziel" - (Suicidal oneman black metal sickness)
ZERSTORER (GER) "Panzerfaust Justice" - (Pure German Black Metal. Fast and furious!) 8euro
ZIFIR (TUR) "Protest Against Humanity" - (Disturbing Black Metal creation with sick and grim atmosphere) 8euro

LP / MLP / 7”EP : (7"EP= 6euro ; LP / MLP =10euro. Or marked!)

ABIGAIL / LUSTRUM “Too Wild for the Crowd” 7"EP - (Japanese black metal cult and US black n roll maniacs) 6euro
AFFLICTIS LENTAE / ZEBERGES (FRA) "No Escape from the Jaws of Hell" LP - (Raw dynamic Thrash Black of Afflicts Lentae including Iron Maiden cover  vs Sludge Punk Thrash of Zeberges.Killer split vinyl release!)
ALCOHOLIC RITES / LUSTRUM “Drunk and in Charge 7"EP - (Brutal oldschool metal split strike from Ecuador and US) 6euro
ALFAHANNE (SWE) - "Apocalyptic Rock" 7"EP - (Swedish atmospheric dark rock) 7euro
ARMAGEDDON (SER) "Master of Peace" - (Legendary sympho heavy metal since 80's and their new album) 15euro
ASGRAUW / MESLAMTAEE "Utopia" 7"EP - (Two raw straight in the head black metal strikes from Holland) 6euro
BAEL (FRA) "Néant" 7"EP - (Raw filthy Black Metal spells) 6euro
BARBARIAN (ITA) "To No God Shall I kneel" - (Blackish heavy power thrash metal strike!) 15euro
BESTIAL HOLOCAUST (BOL) "Primigenium Invocation" 7"EP - (Bestial black thrash cult) 8euro
BLACKOSH (CZE) “Rvoucí Vichry” 7"EP - (Legendary Blackosh from Root, Entrails, Crux... and his newest grim black metal project) 6euro
BOMBARDER (SER) "Speed Kill + Bez milosti" Diehard - (2 x color vinyls, 2 x patch, 2 x sticker) 85euro
BOMBARDER (SER) "Ledena krv" LP Black vinyl - (Cult speed thrash metal legends) 18euro
BOMBARDER (SER) "Ledena krv" LP Diehard - (Blue vinyl + patch) 22euro
BOMBARDER (SER) "Ledena krv" LP Diehard - (Green vinyl + patch) 22euro
BOMBARDER (SER) "Ledena krv" LP Test-press - (10 copies only exist!) 100euro
BOMBARDER (SER) "Okot iz pakla" LP Black vinyl - (Latest album by these cult speed thrash metal legends) 19euro
BOMBARDER (SER) "Okot iz pakla" LP Test-press - (10 copies only exist!) 100euro
BOMBARDER (SER) "Bombarder III" 7"EP - (Bran new single limited to 33 copies only! With bonus live song. Special guest Hellbutcher from almighty Nifelheim) 17euro
BUCKSHOT FACELIFT (US) "Anchors of the Armless Gods" LP - (Brutal Grind Core dirty, raw and crushing way! Special cut-in vinyl release!) 10euro
CALES (CZE) "Krf"  LP - (Great Epic Pagan Metal opus by one of the best riffing masters , Blackosh of Root!)
CALES/SORTS (CZE/EST) "Onset Of Twilight - A Tribute To Bathory" 7"EP - (Very nice respect to Quorthon and his legacy!) 6euro  
CHAINS (SLO) "Sonic Sabbath" LP - (Ritualistic doom drone art) 15euro
DAEMONLORD/KEY OF MYTHRAS "Bonded by Hatred" split 7"EP - (Two raw brutal Black Metal hordes)
DARK INCOGNITO (BUL) "World Requiem" - (Death black doom metal) 12euro
DEFUNTOS (POR) "Um sofrimento distante..." 7"EP - (Obscure Depressive Black Metal in nice limited 7"EP package)
DENY THE URGE (GER) "In-Consequence" LP - (Traditional European Death Metal for all fans of Bolt Thrower, Benediction...Marbled vinyl package with bonus CD.) 12euro
DRAP "En naturlig dod" LP - (Grinding Crust Metal madness. Limitd LP with patch and sticker gift!) 12euro
ENOID (SWI) "Ad Nilem"  7"EP - (brutal Black Metal.EP+bonus CD!!)
ERHABENHEIT/WOLFSSCHREI (GER)  7EP - (two grim Black Metal hordes united on this piece of black gold)
FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIOUM ‎(POR) "A Queda... Sodoma Em Ascensão" 7"EP, picture - (Rare black thrash release on picture 7"EP) 10euro
GOAT VENGEANCE (BRA) "We Bring the Goat Massacre..." 7"EP - (Brutal Brasilian raw Black Metal in nice limited gatefold package!)
GRAVEWURM/DAEMONLORD (CAN/SPA) "split" 7"EP - (two extreme raw and primitive hordes.White limited vinyl!)
GUMOMANIACS (GER) "PsychoMania" LP - (Thrash Metal for all lovers of early Exodus, Sadus...) 11euro
HAIL TO BOMBARDER! "Tribute to Bombarder" - Gatefold DLP
(Honorable tribute to these legends of ex Yugoslavian Thrash Speed Metal! Band that sealed old Metal scene of entire Balkan lands covered by 16 amazing hordes as: Nifelheim, Koldbrann, Avenger, Edain, Infest, Space Eater and many others. True Metal spirit and diehard Bombarder fanaticism!) 15euro
HERMANOS PALAEZ (SPA) "FO" - (Oldschool Horror ambiental sounds) 11euro
HOMO HOMINI LUPUS / GELO "Split" LP - (Two grinding crust hordes from Croatia and Italy) 12euro
HOMO HOMINI LUPUS / BRIVIDO "Split" Black vinyl LP - (Gring crust vs hardcore punks) 12euro
HOMO HOMINI LUPUS / BRIVIDO "Split" Red vinyl LP - (Gring crust vs hardcore punks) 14euro
IMPERIAL DARKNESS/PYRIFLEYETHON (HEL) "Havoc's Split Asunder 7"EP - (Traditional Occult Black Metal with great Hellenic spirit)
INFEST (SER) "Under The Sign of Evil" - 7"EP (Limited vinyl EP of this death metal machine from Serbia) 9euro
INFEST (SER)"Onward to Destroy" - LP (Aggressive oldchool deathrash massacre) 18euro
IN FROM THE COLD / NULA (SER) "Menhir" LP - (Split release of two Serbian sludge, doom, stoner outfits. Black vinyl!) 14euro
IN FROM THE COLD / NULA (SER) "Menhir" LP - (Split release of two Serbian sludge, doom, stoner outfits. Splatter vinyl!) 16euro
KOLAC / XERION (SER/SPA) "Split" 7"EP - (Black Metal unity on one precious vinyl EP. Purest underground devotion and spirit.Support!)
KONSTRUKTIVISTS (UK) "Destiny Drive" LP - (Newest album of these legendary dwellers of Industrial Experimental scene since 80's) 15euro
LYCANTHROPY'S SPELL (BEL) "Sagatal" 7'EP - (Raw dirty Black Metal)
MAJESTIC MASS (DEN) "Savage Empire of Death" Ltd gray version LP - (Ancient doom black metal) 40euro
MALSAINT (FRA) "A.I.P." LP - (Extreme underground raw Black fucking Metal on limited white vinyl) 13euro
MANIAC (SPA) "Black Legion" - (Speed Thrash Metal attack) 10euro
MAY RESULT (SER) "Tmina" LP - (Atmospheric grim and sharp black metal. 20 years anniversary release) 20euro
MAY RESULT (SER) "Tmina" color LP - (Atmospheric grim and sharp black metal. 20 years anniversary release) 25euro
METALSTEEL (SLO) "Beyond the Starts" LP - (Powerful traditional heavy metal strike) 13euro
MOTORCHARGE (SER) "Motorcharge" LP - (Dirty heavy rocking from Serbia) 19euro
NAVE (GER) "II" gateMLP - ( Avantgarde, melancholic metal ,a perfect mix to Ved Buens Ende, Fleurety and Katatonia!) 10euro
NEMESIS (SER) "The War Is On" LP - (All-girls death metal machine from Serbia) 19euro
NEMESIS (SER) "The Scales of Fate" 7"EP - (New single with bonus song never published so far. Very limited lathe-cut 7"EP!) 15euro
NOCTURNAL VOMIT/EMPHERIS (HEL/POL) "Summoning the Fallen Ones..." ltd 7"EP - (Filthy nekro Death Metal masters on one black vinyl)
PAGAN HELLFIRE / SAD "Under Victorious Horizons" 7"EP - (Killer underground Black Metal unity at one EP!)
PERCUTOR (SPA) "Marginados" MLP - (Merciless Speed Heavy Metal) 9euro
PRIMEVAL MASS  / EZGAROTH (HEL) ‎"Amongst The Ruins Of Cosmos / Nightside" 7"EP - (Two Hellenic Black Metal strikes on one battlefield!Awesome split release!)
PSYCHOPARADOX (SER) "Reapeiron" LP - (Technical progressive death metal) 25euro
RAPID FORCE (SER) "Apotheosis of War" LP - (Finaly on LP again after decades. Technical thrash metal) 20euro
RATO TRISTE (CZE) "Rato Triste" 7"EP - (Doom sludge metal) 6euro
RED DEATH (USA) "Sickness Divine" LP - (Crossover thrashing attack) 15euro
SANGUS (USA) "Saevitia" 7"EP - (Black Thrash Crust Metal grimness. Killer raw art!) 6euro
SEKHMET/KOLTUM (CZE/POR) "Prophets Of Pain" 7"EP - (Two grim Black Metal hordes on one EP. Total Black Metal) 6euro
SILENT KINGDOM (BiH) "Legend Of An Old Grave" LP - (Progressive Black Metal pressed on limited golden vinyl) 15euro
SLAUGHTERED PRIEST/NECROCHAKAL (HEL) "Two Rusty Nails in His Flesh" 7"EP - (Raw attack of two Black Thrash hordes from Hellas!) 5euro
TERDOR (HOL) "Levi II" LP - (Raw warlike Black Metal for fans of early: Marduk,Immortal etc) 12euro
THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL / TJOLGTJAR (UK/US) "Taste The Divine Wrath" LP - (Double Black Metal impact! 666% strong release!) 12euro
WINTERBLUT (GER) "Eine Schlechte Tat " 7"EP - (True forgotten Black Metal art! Grim, devoted and doomed to the core!) 6euro
ZARACH BAAL THARAGH / THE DEAD MUSICIAN (FRA) "split" LP - (King of minimalistic primitive scum Black Metal.Kult!!)

MC’s: (5euro. Or marked!)

A BALANCE OF TERROR "Compilation" - (Extreme DIY grindcore compilation with 24 bands) 6euro
ACID DEATHTRIP (HOL) "Acid Deathtrip" - (Dirty Sludge Doom Metal) 6euro
AGONIA CATARTICA (PER) "Drama" - (Funeral Doom Black Metal)
ANGELGOAT (SER) "Primitive Goat Worship" - (Nekro raw filthy black metal spells) 8euro
ANGELGOAT (SRB) "The Blackmoon Witchery" - (Bestial black necro metal. New studio strike) 8euro
ANIARA (SWE) "Caress Of Darkness " - (Oldway Doom Metal) 
ATTACKER BLOODY AXE (CHI) "Antichristian Metal Axe" - (Violent and raw Thrash Metal attack)
AVENGER (CZE) "Fall of Devotion, Wrath And Blasphemy" - (Bestial Czech black death cult) 7euro
AWAKEN III "Compilation" - (19 killer extreme metal bands as: Root, Negura Bunget,Astarte and many more..) 8euro
BESTHOVEN (BRA) "Tears, Blood and Warsongs…" - (Dirty crust aggression) 
BLACK CHALICE (USA) "Obsidian" - (Atmospheric Doom Death Metal for devoted souls)
BLACK CHALICE (USA) "Submission" - (Atmospheric Doom Death Metal for devoted souls)
BLASPHEMANIAC (BRA) "Bestial Occult Ceremony" - (Bestial raw blackened thrash massacre) 7euro
BLETSIAN (OZ) "He Who Hates" - (Nihilistic black metal attack) 6euro
BOMBARDER (SER) "Ima li života prije smrti" - (Merciless thrash speed attack by legendary Bombarder) 7euro
BOMBARDER  (SER) ”Okot iz pakla” - (Merciless bestial thrash speed metal attack!) 7euro
BOMBARDER (SER) "Bombarder III"  - (Bran new single limited to 33 copies only! With bonus live song. Special guest Hellbutcher from almighty Nifelheim) 12euro
BULLET (SWE) "Speeding in the night" - (Raw Swedish heavy hard metal) 7euro
CHAINDER (SYR) "Earth" - (Black Metal with atmospheric passages from Syrian)
CABRA INFERNAL / ASKE "Venenum Nigrum In Deos" - (Two raw black hordes from Ecuador and Finland) 7euro
CABRA INFERNAL / HELL FURY "Devotione Et Blasphemia" - (Two raw black hordes from Ecuador) 7euro
CELESTIAL STAG (USA) "Persia to Aztlan (and the planets between)" - (Sludge doom metal) 7euro
CORPSEHAMMER (SWE) “Metal de la Muerte” - (Bestial black thrash metal) 7euro
CORPSEHAMMER (SWE) “Perversión” - (Bestial black thrash metal) 7euro
DAY OF EXECUTION / SCOLOS (BUL) "Split" - (Two Bulgarian death metal strikes) 6euro
DENIM AND LEATHER (BRA) "Set the Spirit Free" - (Heavy Metal to the fucking bone) 5euro
DEVIL'S FORCE (SWE)  "Unholy Force" - (Raw speed black metal)
DEVIL SEED (HU) "Devil Seed" - (Doom metal with epic atmosphere) 7euro
DISEASED OBLIVION (USA) "Portals Of Past And Present" - (Blackened Doom Metal with raw underground touch) 4euro
DISFLESH (SPA) "Warmageddon" - (Black crust grind madness) 7euro
DREADFUL FATE (SWE)  "The Sin Of Sodom" - (Death thrash metal)
ETERNAL EVIL (SWE) "Rise of death" - (Oldway raw thrash-black madness) 6euro
EVIL INCARNATE (USA) "Depopulation Agenda" (Raw necro oldschool death metal masters) 6euro
EXCURSE (SPA) "Untitled" - (Sludge funeral doom sickness) 6euro
EXPUNGED (CAN) "Expunged" - (Canadian death metal madness) 6euro
EXPURGO (BRA) "Deformed by Law" - (Straight in the head grindcore strike) 7euro
FJORSVARTNIR (DEN) "Legions of the North" - (Atmospheric black metal) 9euro
FJORSVARTNIR (DEN) "Mzoraxc' Forbandelse" - (Atmospheric black metal) 9euro
FORGOTTEN DARKNESS (GER) "Nacht Aus Blut" - (Raw underground black metal cult) 7euro
FORSAKEN GRIEF (SWE) "Death Metal '91-'92" - (Oldschool death metal from Swedish golden years with members from Cemetary, Evocation..) 7euro
FRONT (FIN) "Antichrist Militia" - (Blackened deathrash massacre from Finland) 6euro
FUNERARY BELL (FIN) "Horrific TransCosmic Overture/ Live At Tombstone" - (Primordial occult Black Metal grimness. Ltd tape, comes with pin!) 
GATES OF ETERNAL TORMENT (USA) "Imprisoned Beneath The Ice Of This Cold Black Void" - (Black Metal filled with emptiness, darkness and grimness..)
GÖLL (HOL) "No Longer A Dweller in The Abyss" - (Raw underground black metal) 7euro
GRYLLE ‎(FRA) "Monstres Et Merveilles" - (Medieval music with Black Metal touch)
GYPSY WIZARD AND PROPHETS OF DOOM (SER) "Flowers of Doom" - (Oldschool doom metal spells) 6euro
HADEZ / GOD'S FUNERAL "Bicéfalo Culto Ancestral" - (Split strike, cult Peruvian death metal masters and Spanish horde) 6euro
HAK-ED DAMM (CAN) "Nekrowristfucked" - (Aggressive and raw black metal) 6euro
HELL FURRY (ECU) "Enemy of the Virtue (Blaspheme and Crush the Cross)" - (Blasphemous black metal) 6euro
HIRVEA (FIN) "Tuska Ja Pakokauhu" - (Funeral Doom Metal ritual) 6euro
INFERNO (CZE) "Pure Serbian Hell" - (Rare live album from Serbia) 7euro
INFERNO (CZE) "Chram Nenavisti" - (Demo rawnes) 7euro
INVISIBLE HATE (SER) "Holy Murder" - (Traditional doom metal heritage) 6euro
KARST (HUN) "Lime Veins Bleed Rust" - (Progressive black metal)
KATARI (PER) "Fucked by Serpents" - (Aggressive and raw black metal madness) 6euro
KODFOLT / THY FUNERAL "Levitation Of The Dying Souls" - (Two grim black metal spells from Hungarian netherworld) 6euro
KOLAC (SER) "Bastard Son is Dead" - (Raw and primitive black metal) 5euro
KOLAC (SER) "5 Years of Blood & Blasphemy" - (Raw and primitive black metal) 5euro
KRATOM / POLYWHY (SER) "Split" - (Two Serbian wicked alternative underground bands) 7euro
LUCIFUGUM (UKR) "Superior are of Genocide" - (Pure raw black metal mass) 7euro
LUNARKULT/OMBRE NOIRE (FRA) "Split" - (Real underground Dark Black Metal with tones of militant ideological influences)
MASS GRAVE (BUL) "Fade of Life" - (Grinding death metal) 8euro
MAY RESULT (SER) "Svetogde" - (Limited cassette release of this cult black metal album from Serbia) 8euro
MAXIMUM OVERSATAN (USA) "Too Evil for Hell" - (Filthy nekro Black Speed Metal)
MOLIS SEPULCRUM (HUN) "Left For The Worms" - (Raw filthy nekro death metal) 7euro
MOLOCH (UKR) "A Journey to the Vyrdin" - (Ambiental Black Metal)
MORBID FUNERAL (CR) "Dead I am" - (Blackened Death Metal)
MORBID SACRIFICE / VOMITMANTIK (ITA) "Necromantik Sacrifice"  - (Two Italian raw nekro black hordes) 5euro
MORTUARY (SER) "Final Mortuary of Souls" - (All 4 cult demons on one cassette. Cult death metal from 90's) 7euro
NEGATIVE OR NOTHING (CHI) "Non Metuit Mortem, Qui Scit Contemnere Vitam" - (Depressive cold Black Metal)
NEMESIS (SER) "The War Is On" - (High class melodic death metal) 6euro
NIFLUNGAR (SER) "Wolf Battalion" - (Blackened  metal for devoted souls) 12euro
NOX (COL) "Manifestaciones de la Eterna Noche" - (Black metal in wicked Colombian style) 8euro
ORBIS (UK) "The Unquestionable Chapters Of A World Forgotten" - (Dark Drone Ambient drowned in pitch black ice cold depressed darkness) 6euro
ORDO BLASPHEMUS (FRA) "Lemegeton" - (Pccult Black Metal grimness)
OUTLAW (BRA) “Look into my eyes and burn” - (Powerful heavy metal made in Brazil) 8euro
OV SHADOWS (SWE) "Monologues" - (Swedish black metal grimness)
PAJSER (SER) "Demo 2015" - (Raw thrash metal) 
PATHETIC (CAN) "Rat King" - (Raw filthy oldway death metal) 6euro
PATHETIC / PUTRID "Devorando Carne Divina" - (Split attack by these two underground hordes from Peru and Canada) 6euro
PERDITOR (HOL) "Perdition" - (Nihilistic Black Metal)
PRIPJAT (SER) "Peta Godina Dekontaminacije" - (Straight in the head hardcore, metal, punk)
REGNUM (GER) "Schwertes Kälte" - (Rare original demo press, hand-numbered) 10euro
REJOICE IN MORIBUND (HOL) "Equality Through Obliteration" - (Torturing funeral doom death metal) 7euro
RITUAL CLEARING (USA) “Ritual Clearing” - (Darkish black metal) 6euro
ROTTEN MALEFICE (CHI) "El Patio III" - (Death metal massacre from Chile) 8euro
RYOSUKE KIYASU (JAP) "Just Take Things For Granted" - (Japanese grindcore, noise and free jazz madness) 7euro
SCAFFOLD (SER) "Codex Gigas" - (Veterans of Serbian death metal since 1992 and their newest album!) 7euro
STONE TO FLESH (SER) "Serbian Woods" - (Cult first demo cassette) 20euro
TARE (USA) “Ritual Degradation”  - (Black Crust Metal, dirty to the bone. Comes in amazing A5 package with tape + CD as well!) 10euro
THYRANE (FIN) "The Spirit of Rebellion" - (Superior Finish black metal) 7euro
TUDOR (CZE) "Antikrist-The Best Of Tudor" - (Compilation of the best works by these old demons of Czech metal scene) 6euro
UROK (SRB) "Chronology of Dead Worlds" - (Gloomy dark drone ambient) 6euro
VICTIMIZER (DEN) "5 Years of Violence and Skullchrushing" - (Filthy black death dirt) 6euro
WAR GENERATION 666 (COL) "War Generation 666" - (Nekro Black Metal in raw, grim Colombian way!) 6euro
WORMREIGN (CAN) "Wormreign" - (Grim black metal) 7euro

DVD, Bootlegs : (10euro)

ASTROFAES (UKR) "Live Hate" DVD - (This 66 minute DVD of hateful orthodox Black Metal, highlights shows from 2004 in Kiev , Moscow , Minsk .Featuring Thurios of Hate Forest, Drudkh)
NADIMAČ (SER) "Night of the Liveing Thrash" - (Various Nadimac live strikes from all around Serbia with lots of bonus, photos etc.Real thing for Nadimac maniacs.DVDr!) 5euro
NECROPHAGIA (US) "Necrotorture / Sickcess Death Metal" DVD - (Footage shot from their 2003 European tour including an entire live show from Spain) 12euro
THE STONE / MAY RESULT (SER) “Live Curse From The East” – (split DVD, two great shows from cult Open Hell fest and live in Transilvania+ photo gallery and video clip) 10euro
TOXIK (USA) "Dynamo open air 1988" - DVD (Full legendary DOA gig and Dynamo Club '88 gig. Nearly 2 hours of classic Thrash!) 12euro
UROK (SRB) "Chronology of Dead Worlds" DVD - (Gloomy dark drone ambient) 10euro

Pins: (1euro)


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(80 A4 pages, pro-printed, English written)
Inside: Norwegian kickass underground publication for oldschool maniacs. Interviews with: INSANE, SARACEN, STARGAZER, ORMSKRIK, BÜTCHER, THE 3RD AND THE MORTAL, ONSLAUGHT. 6euro
(48 A4 pages, pro-printed, English written)
Inside: Diskord, Execration, Katechon, Shaarimoth, Blood Red Throne, Unspoken and Phobia, the pre-Enslaved band + articles, lyrics and killer oldschool cut and paste spirit. 4euro
(60 pages, A4 format, printed pages)
Inside: Musically doomed and unfit underground fanzine. Death and doom metal, sludge, punk, synth and HP Lovecraft. 13 extended interviews: JĀĀPORTIT , SUN CROW , SKELETAL EARTH, DEAPH, BLACK SYRUP 'ZINE / NASTROM / RATO TRISTE, BETELZEUS, RUINAS / OVAKNER, RESIDUE, REPUKED, HYBERNOID, IMPALER.
Plus an exhaustive conversation with the creators of CHTULHU movie from 2007, based on The Shadow Over Innsmouth novel by Howard Phillips Lovecraft.
- Zine can be ordered as pressed material only or with additional RATO TRISTE "Rato Triste" 7"EP (Doom sludge metal).
4e without 7"EP
10e with 7"EP
(38 A4 pro-printed pages, English written)
Inside: Interviews with Kolac, Plebhotomized, Necrosanct, Beyond Belief, Utumno, Suffer and many, many more + articles, reviews, label features etc, etc...100% underground zine spirit! 5euro
(52 A5 English written pages + Eurynomos / Bombarder poster)
Inside: Interviews with: Bombarder, Eurynomos, Perdition Temple, Kat, Hellwitch, Cadaveric Incubator, At War, Imprecation + show & festival reviews, adds, album & demo reviews!
100% oldschool! 5euro
NOISE GATE #4 (52 A5 pages, xeroxed, English written)
Inside: Over 100 reviews, articles, rapports, adds...+ interviews with: In Solitude, Nuclear Beast, Skullcrush, Mediocracy... 2euro
(A5, 96 pages, English written, pro-printed magazine)
Inside: Skepticism, Government Alpha / Xerxes, Der Blutharsch / WKN, Worship, Yen Pox, Iron Fist Of The Sun, Crowbar, MK9 / Neural Operations, Church Of Misery, Kozeljnik, Skull:Axis / Peripheral Records, Electric Wizard, The Vomit Arsonist / Danvers State Recordin + tones of reviews, articles, adds! Pure oldschool underground publication) 5euro
(150 A4 pages, pro-printed, English written)
Inside: 150 entirely handmate A4 sized pages of pure devotion and oldway 'zine spirit including interviews with Profanity Angel, Mortis Dei, Aragon, Iron Hammer Zine, Rotten Age / Aries Vehemens, Conquest Icon, Dark Fury, Nazghor, Manzer, Freezing Blood, Kampf Records, a Bulgarian scene report as well as small introductions to Apocalyptic Rites Zine, Burning Abyss Zine, Incarnated, Nekkrofukk, Vaginalluftwaffe Zine, Concatenation and Merciless Death plus various reviews, underground drawing etc. 6euro
(52 pages, A4 format, glossy covers and professional printed pages)
Inside: ...And Oceans, Blight by Defeat, Carcariass, Castrator, Convictors, Darkreverie, Devilpriest, Diabolic Rites, Die Entweihung, Varathron and many more + articles, reviews... + free CD compilation. 6euro
(52 pages, A4 format, glossy covers and professional printed pages)
Inside: Tones of interviews, articles, reviews, rapports and many, many more. 100% underground metal spirit. + free CD compilation. 6euro
(A4 format, proprinted pages)
Inside: Featuring interviews with: 1914Ad NauseamAdventum DiaboliAnatomiaAposentoBaestBloated PigCadaveriaCarnal Savagery CloudsCodex Nero Disgorged FoetusErupted EvilFaecal PutrefactionFractal UniverseGore InsanityGrimlealGrozaIn MourningInfernal ThroneKeep of Kalessin NargathrondNightfallPanzergoatPersekutorPsycho MantisRelentless AggressionSuffering HourTemple of DecayTerminal CarnageTransilvaniaVergeblichkeitWallfahrerZmarchrobZora + special interview about the digital "scene" with Vlad Busca, Head of Digital at Universal Music Romania + reviews + free compilation CD.  5e
(56 pages, A4 black/white, glossy factory printed)
Inside: Anthropic, Cyanide Grenade, Die Entweihung, DJINN-GHÜL, Emperium, Galvornhathol, GLOOMY GRIM, Goat Tyrant, Grom Records, Haunted Cenotaph, Human Serpent, Inhumate, Königreichssaal, Lost in Grey, Mask Of Satan, Mephorash, Moeror, Mortiferuz, Nervosa, Night Crowned, Obscure Relic, Ossario, Psychotic Waltz, Rabid Flesh Eaters, Sibireal, Speedkiller, Terrordome, The Flesh Trading Company, TIRAN, Vanhelga, Vermilia, Yaldabaoth, Yoth Iria + Hungarian Scene Report + reviews + free compilation CD. 5euro
(A4, 64 pages, English written, pro-printed magazine + free compilation CD)
Inside: interviews with: Cancer, Lifeless, Birth AD, Repulsion, Angerseed, Bethlehem, Carnal Ghoul / Decayed / Desaster / Metalucifer / Trinitas, Ultra Violence, Mortuorial Eclipse and Romanian Thrash Metal Club, more than 150 audio and zine reviews, the usual Rising Demons section (interviews with upcoming promising acts: Barzakh, Blood Tribe, BloodOath, Frigoris, I Am The Trireme, Inverticrux, Motor, Nekrodeus, Valinor and Walking Dead Suicide), Merchants of Death section (interviews with Extreme Metal labels: Glorious North, Hellprod, Infinite Regress and Katoptron IX) and Romanian Attack (reviews of the latest Romanian Extreme Metal releases) 4euro
(90 pages, A4 format, black and white print)
Inside: Pure underground death metal legacy. Featuring: Nemesis, Konvent, Internal Bleeding, Death Kommand, Ralf Hauber, Fulci, Morbid Messiah, and Xibalba. + tones of horror, gore art, articles etc...
(72 pages, English written, pro-printed zine)
Inside: Nearly 200 reviews of tapes, zines, demos, CD and CDr's.In depth interviews with: Headhunter D.C. (Brazil), Last Act of Defiance (Macedonia), Angelgoat (Serbia), Slugathor (Finland), Necroscope Zine (Poland), Nomad (Poland) Paganus Doctrina (Costa Rica) and sort of biography for the Argentinian kult SARTAN! 4euro



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